Shadow State: Allison Mack is no different from an Inner City Pimp

By Shadow State 1958

Pimps brand their prostitutes to show ownership.

From the Irish Mirror
Pictured: Trafficked prostitutes BRANDED by pimps to show they ‘own’ them

From the Toronto Star

Canadian girls are being beaten, branded, bought and sold in hotels and motels, and along highways across Ontario.

From the New York Times
She Has a Pimp’s Name Etched on Her

“An alleged pimp indicted … in Manhattan is accused of tattooing his street name on a prostitute’s neck, along with a bar code. He allegedly tattooed another prostitute with a symbol of his name on her pubic area, along with a dollar sign. In each case, the message was clear: They were his property, and they were for sale.”

Branded by a pimp, sex-trafficking victim speaks out | The Seattle Times

From Billings, Montana
Pimps brand the women in their “stables,” as if they were cattle.

Image result for V=cattle being branded

Allison Mack is no different from an Inner City Pimp.

Allison Mack is pure EVIL.

  • Branding torture
  • Starvation 800 calorie per day diets (with regular weigh-ins)
  • Sleep deprivation (with 3 am walks with the Vanguard to do whatever he asks)
  • Readiness drills – day and night – with texts that had to be responded to within minutes or everyone in the group was punished
  • Dr Porter’s fright experiments – watching videos of actual rapes and brutal murders
  • Punishing slaves by paddling them and putting them in cages
  • The book about torture in Keith Raniere’s library
  • A children’s school – Rainbow Cultural Garden
  • Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk recruiting girls and college students
  • Allison Mack allegedly fondling an eight-year-old.

The DOJ indictment of Allison Mack.

“RANIERE and his inner circle, including the defendants CLARE BRONFMAN, ALLISON MACK, KATHY RUSSELL, LAUREN SALZMAN AND NANCY SALZMAN, also known as “Prefect,” and others known and unknown, comprised an organized criminal enterprise (the “Enterprise”).

“The defendant ALLISON MACK was a member of the Enterprise and a high-ranking member of Nxivm. At various times relevant to the Indictment, MACK was also a first line master in DOS

The pattern of racketeering activity through which the defendants: KEITH RANIERE, CLARE BRONFMAN, ALLISON MACK, KATHY RUSSELL, LAUREN SALZMAN and NANCY SALZMAN, together with others, agreed to conduct the affairs of the Enterprise consisted of the racketeering acts set forth in paragraphs 17 to 34 Defendants KEITH RANIERE, ALLISON MACK and LAUREN SALZMAN, together with others, did knowingly and intentionally steal property by extortion,

Sex Trafficking of Jane Doe 5
Forced Labor of Jane Doe 5
State Law Extortion of Jane Doe 5

Forced Labor Conspiracy)

(Wire Fraud Conspiracy)

(Sex Trafficking Conspiracy)

(Sex Trafficking – Jane Doe 5)

(Attempted Sex Trafficking – Jane Doe 8

But I suppose you know more than the DOJ and FBI.

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  • My only problem with your presupposition is that none of the DOS women where physically forced to get a brand. They agreed to do it under the terms of their DOS contract as weird and demented as it may be. Mack seems more like the leader of a sleep over party for coeds that got out of hand. The smutty photos you append are nothing more than an excuse to show some skin. Your approval rating with your Methodist church congregation might be high but the rest of us aren’t falling for it.

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