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Guest View: Vanguard not responsible for ‘suicides’ of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder

Guest View

By A Reader

Frank is just not objective when it comes to Keith.

For instance, Frank sees Keith as so evil that ANY negative allegation made against Keith — by ANY source — is automatically reported by Frank as being either true or at least somewhat credible.

For example, you have the nutty Toni Natalie using the hashtag “#justiceforkristinsnyder” every place on Earth, including as the very first “anonymous” Amazon review for Catherine Oxenberg’s new book. Yeah, everybody knows it’s you, Toni.

Toni has implied that Kristin Snyder must have been killed by Keith or Keith’s minions. However, even Kristin’s own parents have confirmed that she was BATSHIT CRAZY in the days before her SUICIDE. She claimed to have been responsible for the NASA space shuttle explosion. She also wrote a suicide note in her own handwriting.

This means Kristin Snyder was a BATSHIT CRAZY woman who SUICIDED HERSELF one day.

Kristin Snyder’s body has never been found. Her death was ruled as a presumptive suicide.

Keith was not responsible for that. Just because Keith may have dumped her shortly before the suicide or she was pregnant with his child, it doesn’t mean he’s responsible. Kristin was just too weak minded to keep going. It was HER OWN FAULT. Period. Toni hates Keith so much that I have no doubt she’d pin the Kennedy Assassination on him if given the chance. Toni is not objective.

I can see Frank’s next headline: “Raniere tied to JFK death? Inside sources tell me it might be so.”

Frank continues to report the Kristin Snyder story as though Keith is a serious suspect and that law enforcement should somehow re-open the investigation.

Re-open what exactly, Frankie boy?

How the fuck can Law Enforcement do anything when Kristin fucking SUICIDED HERSELF and was BATSHIT CRAZY even according to her parents?

Then there’s the tragic story of Gina Hutchinson.

Again, Frank implies that Gina’s suicide was somehow Keith’s fault and that Keith is evil and responsible for Gina’s suicide.

But it wasn’t Keith’s fault.

I have no doubt that Keith dumped her and probably made her feel depressed, and that’s certainly not a nice thing to do. However, women get dumped every day and don’t SUICIDE THEMSELVES for it.

Gina apparently had no life and nothing to live for outside of her beloved Keith; thus when he dumped her, she had no reasons to live anymore.

Look Frank, it doesn’t matter if Gina killed herself minutes or hours after visiting with Keith in a hotel or wherever.

The only thing that matters is that Gina pulled out a gun and SUICIDED HERSELF.

You can’t blame Keith for Gina’s lack of self-esteem and family support, which led her to feel so depressed that she killed herself.

If Gina’s sister had truly been closer and more supportive of Gina, then MAYBE she wouldn’t have felt the only way out of her misery was to kill herself.

As for the cognitive dissonance bullshit mentioned by her sister, look, Gina bought a gun because she was depressed and her life was shit. After seeing Keith in a hotel or wherever, she obviously got dumped and suicided herself. It’s tragic but it’s not Keith’s fault.

I’m tired of Frank blaming Keith for EVERYTHING bad that happens to anybody around him. Keith was not responsible for Kristin Snyder’s suicide or Gina Hutchinson’s suicide.

Stop listening to Toni’s bullshit. I’m even doubting the alleged Mexico kidnapping plan she keeps harping about. I seriously doubt Keith had any such plans. But Toni needs material for her new book so I have no doubt she’ll be telling lots of whoppers.


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