Frank, Your Journalism is Just Fine – despite emotional criticism by Susan Dones

A reader commented on the recent article that Reader defends Frank Report handling of Kristin Kreuk story


Another AWESOME article. Love the sarcasm too.

This author systematically TORE APART Susan Dones’ entire article and exposed her lack of logic from top to bottom.

Frank, with regard to Susan Dones’ original article — it’s rare to see somebody so emotionally invested in trying to protect somebody else from all criticism.

If Susan was the head of a NXIVM “center” and she was the person IN CHARGE of running intensives (which are supposed to help free people from emotional issues and make them happier) — then I question the effectiveness of that training because based upon that highly emotional and repetitive article, it sure seems like Susan Dones is an emotional basket case right now.

I don’t know many people who would let themselves become so frantic like that, especially in a public setting. Maybe she needs to go back for an EM (Exploration of Meaning, or whatever) just to get some perspective, LOL. (just a joke)

When Nancy and Lauren begin to sing, I’d much rather hear their TRUTHFUL and FIRST HAND accounts of Kristin Kreuk’s participation (or lack thereof) instead of listening to the emotional pleas of Susan Dones.

Seriously though, after reading Susan Dones’ emotional article —– I’m now wondering how a person like that could be in charge of teaching intensives to other adults for $10,000 a pop. She doesn’t seem entirely rational at times.

I’m honestly not trying to be rude, I’m just expressing my honest assessment here.

But still, I think her point of view is a valid alternative view, so I’d encourage her to keep writing if she wants to. It’s entertaining to read. ?



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  • I don’t really think “Frank’s journalism is fine.” It was good to expose NXIVM but even that becomes lurid and tabloid. Frank Parlato is a tabloid trash journalist with no scruples, no basic decency. Readers forget that most of his venom comes from having a personal stake in putting his enemies in NXIVM away. He revels in the lowest slander and innuendo, prison rape jokes are his forte, as is outing people’s sexual orientation in sleazy langauge.. Parlato could work for TMZ or Esquire without scruple and probably will once his one-hit-wonder story about NXIVM gets stale.

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