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Irish Mother: Oxenberg’s book ‘Weird and Wonderful’, Why? ‘because I have been there!’

An Irish mother – who rescued her teenage daughter from the clutches of NXIVM – and, as she believes, almost on the eve of being branded – sent this email today.

By An Irish Mother

How weird is this? Having purchased the Catherine Oxenberg book last week, I read half of it in two days.

I then nibbled at it until last weekend. Then today, I decided I would finish it. I finished page 358 less than an hour ago, made a cup of coffee, then I open the Frank Report and I find the very words I have just read from the book, thanking Frank Parlato and here’s the big one:

I understood this book inside out. WHY? Simple… because I have been there …. and been there alone… I’ve worn the t-shirt…. and regrettably starred in the grim production, admittedly on a somewhat lower level than Catherine suffered. But let me emphasize, it was suffering and I too did not rest on my laurels till I got answers and rescued my daughter.  Those answers, I will speak about soon…

In the meantime, thank you, Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg. Without your interventions, how long would this have gone on… another 5, 10, 15, 20 years?

It is totally unimaginable how it went this far, never mind further. Wonderful, just wonderful, how you were gifted and guided to step in as you have.

It is incalculable, the numbers of others you have prevented from becoming swallowed up in this fraud and filth.

Catherine Oxenberg wrote Captive – and it is available on Amazon.

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  • To this Irish mother and other women in the British Isles who have had dealings with the NXIVM cult and the Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

    If you have any evidence of sex trafficking or other wrong doing by NXIVM in the UK or Ireland the FBI has an office in the US embassy in London.

    Remember that both Sara Bronfman and Allison Mack are US citizens and their activities even overseas would be of interest to both British and US law enforcement.

    Here is the phone number and address of the FBI in London.
    London, England

    American Embassy: 0-11-44-207-894-0007
    Nations covered: United Kingdom ( England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales), Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands (Guernsey, Jersey)

  • Of course it is a lie. There is nothing to rescue her daughter from. Do you rescue someone from love and wisdom ? This blog is getting more insane by the minute.

  • I believe this woman’s story is fictional.
    Since she is presenting her story as the truth, it would be appropriate to consider it a lie.

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