Richard Marcinko's book Rogue Warrior - got the Stolen Valor Vultures circling above trying to ruin his reputation.
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Frank Dux: How Stolen Valor Vultures Tried to Destroy My Reputation

By Frank W. Dux

This author is personally familiar with how Stolen Valor Vultures make false allegations and invent evidence in order to enrich themselves or their associates.

A reviewer of B.G. Burkett’s book “Stolen Valor”, writing for Soldier of Fortune magazine, Larry Bailey, is associated with the infamous Swift Boat Lies propagated by B.G. Burkett.

As a named defendant in Frank Dux vs. Soldier Of Fortune Inc.,?Alexander McColl, Larry Bailey & Robert K. Brown, Superior Court Of California, County Of Los Angeles,?Case No. Bc198883, Bailey, in his filed declaration, stated he should not be prosecuted for libel, for he did not mention me in the SOF article published under his by-line in which I was falsely accused of committing stolen valor.

The editors added my name to enhance sales.

More importantly, the defendant did not cite truth as their defense in any pleadings.  Bailey found out that there was no evidence to support the allegations made in the magazine. Those responsible for publishing the false allegations against me of stolen valor shifted guilt away from themselves to their sources.

I established that their sources were not credible and that they published fabricated evidence and testimony. This was established by exhibit evidence attached to the complaint and was never rebutted.

Frank Dux teaching Danbury Swat Team.

One of the bogus sources was B.G. Burkett, whose self-published book, Stolen Valor, used a photo of me in a costume I wore in a film – a pseudo Marine uniform with various military ribbon display and from the photo he wrote that this was proof of stolen valor.

Lt. Commander, Richard Marcinko USN (ret) is the founder of the elite anti-terror US Navy SEAL TEAM SIX.

In the same inflammatory tone and deceptive manner  Soldier Of Fortune published an article that falsely suggested that Marcinko was guilty of Stolen Valor – and dubbed him, “Pouge Warrior” mocking Marcinko’s best seller Rogue Warrior, published by Simon & Schuster.

It’s no coincidence that these two separate but similar deceptive articles manipulated the perception were executed by the same people. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Marcinko and I had theatrical film/series projects competing with Robert K. Brown, and each of us were seeking to be green-lit by the same film studio and Executive Producer, Jerry Brucheimer.

Unlike Marcinko and I, Brown is an associate of infamous Swift Boat hatchet man, B.G. Burkett.

In his book, Burkett made over 400 conclusory, unsubstantiated and inflammatory allegations against me – which I spent tens of thousands of dollars proving he was a liar.  These lies were outlined line-by-line in a “Legal Analysis and Breakdown” in my lawsuit – Frank Dux vs Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

Frank Dux was falsely accused of stolen valor and he fought back sending the cowardly carrion feeders flying in every direction.

Fox News Political Commentator Sean Hannity exposed Burkett for being a deceptive person, willfully creating false evidence to enrich himself and his associate – such as Brown.

The false allegations made by Burkett helped Brown achieve his ends and why it seems Soldier of Fortune Magazine went ahead and parroted the allegation under the byline of Bailey.

Although Bailey’s declaration did not address the validity of my claims – he merely claimed he never wrote a word about me – it helped establish that Stolen Valor Vultures will change a writer’s work, fabricate or misrepresent what they claim is evidence.

This pattern of behavior established that the Stolen Valor Vultures invent or prop up allegations of stolen valor – to enrich them or help their friends. Liars, fabricators of evidence, manipulators and hypocrites, they are not credible sources.

Dave Curry is a member of the VVAW National Office Staff. He made this statement about Burkett’s Stolen Valor and Burkett himself, in his book review for VVAW Publication The Veteran:  “Whatever you do, don’t BUY this book. Burkett wants to recover his stolen valor by stealing the valor of thousands of other Vietnam veterans.”

The entire bogus allegations against me of stolen valor was promulgated by Burkett and published in Soldier of Fortune Mazazine – under the byline of Larry Bailey – who claimed when I sued them that he never wrote a word about me.  The magazine editors cravenly claimed they merely repeated the comments of their sources. Behind it all was a man who wanted to make a movie in competition with one of my own movies.

Fortunately I had the wherewithal to sue these Vultures – and sent them flying in every direction.  No they never wrote another word about me.  It is too bad that they have done this to so many veterans who could not defend themselves.

About the author

Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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  • Wow. Frank Dux is a punk. He asks for sources, when he get those, he demands names. Then when someone comes along using their real name he vanishes! Truly a pathetic, narcissistic loser.

  • You may not know this ? lol— BUT NONE OF ANY OF YOU FREAKS— WOULDA DARE STEPPED TO FRANK AT ANY OF HIS DOJOS IN DA 80s ? Believe That.

    • I can’t find any video of the little bitch actually in a fight anywhere. There’s one where he kicks some sugar glass and some fake bulletproof glass and lands on his butt and another one where the fighter is some French guy. I think he’d shit his pants in the 80s or any time in his life.

  • Dude, give it up. Your DD-214 is easily accessible via the internet. You’ve been exposed for years. You’re a known conman. I’d love to have you down to our BJJ school in SD to watch you get your head ripped off by real martial artists and military veterans. Fuck you.

      • ????? Run home lil kid– Ur mom has cookies an milk waiting… Lmfao ?????? hmmmmm…Let me go on the internet…invite someone to fight me in my own dojo…surrounded by my friends — Soo i can show a 65 yr old man how im gonna kill him– by taking his head off…THIS IS ABOUT AS STUPID AS SOMEONE CAN POSSIBLY BE– YOU JUST SAID– ON THE INTERNET– HOW AN WHICH WAY YOUR GONNA KILL THIS MAN…YOU SIR– ARE A COMPLETE- IDIOT….NOW…IF ANYTHING DOES HAPPEN…The Police will already have a good insight on how an who did it….smh…What a COMPLETE FOOL You are…Where’s da mentality here besides in ur 9 yr old head??!!.. Grow up brother!!.. If ur gonna do something– Go fuckin do it– Dont cry over THEORYS On the internet where ur pouring ur heart out…smh–Real Bad Ass callin out a 65 yr old man w 2 brain tumors…You are 1 sad individual.

        • Frank you may not know this but all the pro fighters of your day call you a fraud . everyone of them . Frank you need to go back on your drugs.

          • Frank talks about honor , thats a joke . he dose not know it if it hit him in the face

  • On this day devoted to honoring veterans, we instead call Frank Dux a liar and a fraud.
    Instead of being a mighty warrior, his service was limited to a short stint in the reserves, where he fell off a truck as the highlight of his career in the military.
    He is reduced to bitching about how others expose him, and trying to make it sound like they do it for evil purposes. No warrior he, Frank instead just whines and blusters from behind the safety of a computer screen. He is a coward as well as a vulture that steals the valor of those that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
    He can’t sue the sites that expose him, because he knows they tell the truth. If he were to try to take them to court, they would put him on the stand and if he tried to tell his lies again, he could then be prosecuted for perjury.
    So instead, he is limited to these pathetic attempts to try to appear legitimate.
    He isn’t the victim, he is the victimizer of others.

      • I and many others are confused Frank , are you saying you have been accused of stolen Valor . So your saying you have won the CM of Honor. ? as your buddy Goldie says he saw it and the certificate . so if your not a fake precipitant , take a photo of you and medal and certificate that will stop all the confusion. OR are you just saying the book is not right explain please. as at this time everyone thinks you have not been on the up and up about your awards . Just post it as you post so many other items of unimportance this would be a real good time for it

  • You don’t have the wherewithal, you just don’t have a life. Stop with the bullshit or I’ll have to give you the crane kick jerk-off.

  • I think it is important to point out that Frank Dux, in the very language of his ArtVoice profile, emphasizes the October 1980 Black Belt magazine article. Then, when asked about something in the article — he avoids the question.

    So, I will ask it again here since the question goes right to the heart of this article about Stolen Valor but as yet, it still remains unanswered:

    Frank Dux – What “actual military combat” were you highly decorated for knife-fighting in Southeast Asia?

    The source is “Black Belt” magazine – “Self-Defense Against Knives” Oct 1980 edition, pages 30-34, but quotes are at the beginning (pg 30) and end (pg 34).

    Again, this very article is quoted in Frank Dux’s ArtVoice biography but when asked about it Frank claims he cannot control all the misinformation that is printed about him, yet he uses this “misinformation” to promote himself.

    The ArtVoice bio:

    Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called “Dux Ryu Ninjutsu”. An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

    So, since Frank Dux doesn’t like being called out for Stolen Valor, but refuses to answer a simple question on one item that lead to him being called out, I’ll ask once again:

    Frank Dux – What “actual military combat” were you highly decorated for knife-fighting in Southeast Asia?

    • Another example of Frank Dux promoting misinformation, but at the same time claiming that he can’t control misinformation.

      On his Facebook page photos, he has an article written by Michelle Klein where it claims he is a “distinguished Vietnam veteran” and “Dux was called to serve in Vietnam and out of the experience with a chestful of medals and a basic distrust of institutions like the military.” Both of these quotes are on page 50.

      So, I ask the simple question:

      Frank Dux – How could you have served in Vietnam when your DD-214 has you going on (and off) active duty many months after the US pulled out? The DD-214 clearly shows that you were in basic training and a basic school, then released back to the reserve center – so how could you have gone to Vietnam and also not gotten any medals for it? Can you explain all of this

      If this is another case of you saying you cannot control misinformation printed about you, then why are you promoting this misinformation on your Facebook page? You certainly seem to benefit from this “misinformation” in spite of your claims that you had nothing to do with any of the printed words.

      This is why, quite frankly, highly legitimate questions are raised about your military service claims. Instead of answering these questions, you promote some elaborate conspiracy theory about Stolen Valor vultures attacking you and extorting money from you. Your positions are not credible and your behavior is what has a lot of people doubt your integrity. I can’t state it more simply than that.

  • Many whom cite SV as their reason for going after an individual, should pay attention to the facts within this article.
    Many whom are victimized by them, might just be able to stand against these assassins of character and reputations and destroyers of valuable lives, for profit.
    There are enough individuals out there, who are making false claims about their military service, for real SV groups to go after. Of course, if one is formed purely for profit via extortion, then the people they go after will have something of value to them and the facts will not get in their way.
    Such was the case with you, Richard and others. one of these mentioned victims went pretty far to the dark side because of them. He is fighting his way back up. His brother says he is winning.
    I do hope that articles such as yours, reach a larger audience, hanshi.
    The public needs to know what is happening in the many questionable fact checking orgs. They are all for sale.

    • To the poster who calls himself Bob — Yet Frank Dux avoids the simple question as to if he himself was extorted for money. This is the core principle of your argument – profit via extortion.

      In fact, Frank Dux was asked to name one single veteran that was extorted for money. He avoided that question as well.

      We all know what the answer to that question is, I just would like to see Frank Dux go on the record and undermine his own argument.

      Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Think for yourself. Frank’s whole “theory” doesn’t make any sense.

  • One thing needs to be pointed out. For all of Frank’s talk about presenting proof in court, he has never won any of the lawsuits he brought against anyone that exposed him. The LA Times wrote about him before the internet was really available, but they have put up the expose he wanted them to retract just as a form of middle finger to him. SOF won their lawsuit, and anyone can see that Stolen Valor that helped expose Frank as a fraud is still in print and available for sale, while Frank’s book was withdrawn after the publisher found their fact checkers didn’t do their job.
    Frank is a parasite, pretending to be a competent martial artist and former spy. He is neither. He is a little man that attacks those that expose him. He is famous for talking about people behind their back, only to nearly soil himself when confronted by them. His only known real fight had him going to the ER afterwards.
    It is rather sad to see him reduced to his latest level of narcissistic paranoia. He thinks so much of himself that he expects others to believe his theory that the FBI are trying to bring him down. His mental state is deteriorating before our eyes. He has finally lost his last grip on reality.

  • Frank Dux wrote: Little fish – I asked you to come out of the muck and identify yourself and of course you continue to hide your identity — yet you expect me to debate with you on issues. Come my craven boy, put on your big boy pants and enter the world of manhood. If you have issues with another human being then be courageous enough to put your name behind your mouth or your pen. Otherwise, I mark you as a coward and will no longer debate any issues with you. I can’t stomach cowards like you. You have proven yourself to the world to be a timid and deceitful creature — hey there jellyfish or better yet, “CHICKEN OF THE SEA!” LOL

    Please remain calm, Frank. We need you to be the adult in the room. After all, you wrote the article so it is incumbent upon you to set the tone. You attempted to be collegial, but that quickly decended into name calling and double-triple daring.

    Let’s see if I can help you out on a couple of things. You need to know more about me and you have trouble answering simple questions about your article.

    [1] I have never been highly decorated for my knife-fighting techniques in actual combat in Southeast Asia. Never.

    [2] I have never been extorted for money due to being called out for Stolen Valor.

    There, see how easy that was? You try it. I’ll wait.

    Now, I admit that I called you a “LIAR” but the difference is I can prove it if it hasn’t been established already. I asked around the Stolen Valor Vulture community as you call it and nobody claims to have extorted you for money.

    So, maybe you were talking about other veterans?

    Please supply a name, or names, of veterans or fake veterans that you know for a fact have been extorted for money.

    I patiently look forward to your answer. If you can prove me wrong I will gladly take back my calling you a “LIAR” and apologize.

  • So Frank, since you were promoted in print as someone “who has used — and has been decorated for – his blade fighting techniques in actual combat in Southeast Asia” … can you tell me which medal the military gives for blade fighting techniques and what combat you were involved in in Southeast Asia?

    • I have no control over what other people say or write about me; many things that were said by others were misrepresentations and can be traced back to fabricated evidence, like bogus advertising pamphlets attributed to me to hold me up to ridicule.

      What is your source and why do you assume it was a military medal?

      It is incorrect for you to leave the impression that US military personnel can only receive US military decorations.

      The military alone is not the only ones capable of issuing decorations for skill and bravery.

      Most people are susceptible to being misled by Stolen Valor Vultures as they make assumptions based on narrow, in the box, regimented experiences (what is customary, procedure & policy) as well as the kind of assumptions you are making.

      Where most people err is that they assume that FOIA obtained SRBs are reliable. But they are not — as my litigation mentioned and the documentary “Put Up Your Dux” clearly established. This is substantive fact not speculation, hearsay or gossip.

      I suggest you read Part 2 in this series. In life there exist exceptions to almost every rule and that is why it is generally unwise to assume things based on limited information.

      • The source is Black Belt magazine. Are you now saying they fabricated evidence against you? So, they were in on it too? The grand conspiracy to keep you out of the movies?

        Frank, be real. You would have people believe that the powerful Hollywood elites, people in charge in the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense, as well as the CIA all huddle together in a War Room in the Pentagon to strategize on how to keep Frank Dux’s career on ice and keep his book off the shelves by discrediting him.

        Or, could it just maybe be that you are an old man… a washed-up has-been that fooled enough people in your younger days with your BS and it no longer works.

        Let me be frank, or earnest, for a second here. Most people operate on a principle of the benefit of the doubt. That is usually the default positiion most folks give everyone unless they have trust issues. You have taken advantage and burnt up your good will currencty so you no longer have the benefit of the doubt with people. It sucks, but now the burden of proof is on you to prove anything about your wild stories. Instead, you attach anyone and everyone that have a few legitimate questions about your claims. It can’t in your mind be that you are a simple, run of the mill LIAR… NO, it has to be some huge governmental conspiracy that places you at some center of national security. Take some sober inventory.

        • Stingray – who are you? I’ve heard of Sting but no Stingray. Why not come out of the murky water and use your real name – then we can debate as men. Otherwise keep reading. I will have a new post tomorrow. There are many forms of cowardice and one of these is the man who talks big behind an anonymous name. Shed your cowardice son, stop being a bottom feeder and come out in the light. If you have real questions and honest answers you should have no fear about giving your name – otherwise what am I to believe other than you are a coward and part of the Vultures community.

          • I comment on the article and ask you a question and you demand sources. I provide the sources down to the page number and you change the subject to my identity – without answering the question.

            Is revealing one’s identity a prerequisite to posting on this forum? Maybe you should ask Dallas Wittgenfeld. When others have posted here their names and personal information ends up being posted to his Iceland website. It appears that you both can’t handle a little discourse. No, I’m not taking the bait with the childish 4th grade coward call out.

            Stay focused, Frank. We’re almost there. I’ll ask a few questions about your article’s premise that you failed to answer several times. I will ask again, very simply:

            Were you extorted for money when you were called out for stolen valor?

            You imply this with your previous article’s title and state it for a fact on your Facebook page promoting the article. To refresh your memory, you state:

            “One that is a quasi criminal enterprise. The perps prey upon retired and disabled veterans by lumping them in with legitimate phonies. Money or favors is extorted.”

            How much money did they try and get from you, Frank? Why didn’t you call the police? Maybe because you are a liar, once again, and it never happened is my best guess.

            What “actual military combat” were you highly decorated for knife-fighting in Southeast Asia?

            The source is “Black Belt” magazine – “Self-Defense Against Knives” Oct 1980 edition, pages 30-34, but quotes are at the beginning (pg 30) and end (pg 34).

            You halfways deflected on this question by implying my logic is flawed for assuming that all combat is military. NO, Frank… it actually states that in the article. If I “assumed” then I was misled by the article itself.

            So, once again I make an academic attempt to engage you on several statements that you have made and let’s see if you can remain focused and provide answers. Or, lump everybody that does not squeal like a little school girl at your brilliance into a category of Stolen Valor Vultures — pick, pick, picking away at your soul in some twisted imaginary daydream that you go running to in order to offer yourself consolation.

            We’ll see. I have a lot more questions about your military service, but let’s get a few basic questions answered first about your assertions, please.

          • Little fish – I asked you to come out of the muck and identify yourself and of course you continue to hide your identity — yet you expect me to debate with you on issues. Come my craven boy, put on your big boy pants and enter the world of manhood. If you have issues with another human being then be courageous enough to put your name behind your mouth or your pen. Otherwise, I mark you as a coward and will no longer debate any issues with you. I can’t stomach cowards like you. You have proven yourself to the world to be a timid and deceitful creature — hey there jellyfish or better yet, “CHICKEN OF THE SEA!” LOL

          • Sting the wrestler nor Sting the singer would want anything to do with you. You are a lier, a fake and a fraudulent turd! And no one likes you for that.

            Myself, I am a 13 year veteran of the IL Army NG who did a tour of duty in Afghanistan doing dismounted foot patrols on a semi daily basis in 2009. I am also a very religious man, and a practitioner of Kung Fu.

            I don’t personally partake in tournaments, but my teacher has thousands and thousands of plaques and awards and trophies. You may too but I’m sure that that ran you up a good credit card bill…

            (I do call to mind the fact that the guy who ran a trophy shop down the street from you came out and produced a receipt proving that you bought that trophy that you claimed you won at that Kumite tournament from him. If he’s lying then maybe you fought that tournament in his shop! Lol)

        • Frank, I am not Stingray, but I ask the same questions. Now, your last article here linked to a site the gave the address and phone number of your critics in an effort to harass them. I can imagine why the real Stingray would be reluctant to let you abuse him/her like that. But you already do all you can to attack me, so bring it on.
          To be blunt, I have it from one of your friends that you talk shit about me where I can’t see you doing so, saying that you want to fight me but I keep ducking you.
          Really? You have something like six inches on me and 200 pounds of fat in terms of weight. You should have a great physical advantage over me. But in terms of skill and experience in real violence, I obviously have the advantage over a fraud like you that depends on the lies of being an intelligence operative. But if you want a real name behind the questions asked of you, use mine. And then, tell me if you really want to fight me as some have said or if they are lying. Because if you want to fight me, I only ask how to make it happen. If you are scared of me, I expect you to put up barriers like having a huge amount of money given to you before it is even considered or placing it in somewhere like Thailand which would be difficult for me.
          If you do so, I would loudly proclaim you my bitch. Because that would prove that you are.
          But if you simply answered the questions of Stingray, whatever his real name is, that would negate my accusations.
          But you won’t do that, Frank my little bitch.
          Go ahead. Answer the questions on deck. Answer the questions Stingray asks and tell me in public if you want to fight me or not. I will face you if you really challenge me and show the world you could not have done what you did in the Kumite as you claim. Or ignore this response and let me show the world how much of a cowardly liar you are. And the third choice you have is to send other web identities to respond, which I will show to the world as proof that you fear me.
          Oh, and I will put together a little thing tomorrow to show just what a liar you are. Sleep tight knowing what you will wake up to.

          • Yet, Don Roley, when you called out the BDFS and they showed up, you back peddled like the Bitch you are. Whomever put you up to your ill advised, unwarranted and obviously uninformed show of bravado, should themselves come forward and challenge the BDFS and Hanshi Frank Dux.
            You are a coward, a liar and a loser. Crawl back under your rock and shut your mouth before you get in over your head. You are not a skilled martial artist, a skilled fighter, or skilled at anything it seems, other than the art of the big mouth.

          • There u go..Don answers right after StingRay..Therefore being stingray ?

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