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Breaking News: Judge denies Clare’s motion – her home detention continues – no free association for Legatus

The judge has ruled. Clare Bronfman has lost.

This right form the courtroom correspondent: “Home detention continues; non-association continues.  She lost.”

Yes, Legatus, the evil commander of NXIVM and its chief harasser, lost. She tried to get her bail conditions modified so she could roam freely in Manhattan and be able to meet with hundreds of NXIVM members. But the judge decided she must remain confined to her luxury apartment in Manhattan – and wear an ankle monitor to track her movements.

We will have more on the subject later.

For the record, Legatus will be at home and unable to harass, intimidate or destroy any lives – other than the ones she has already destroyed.

Isn’t it lovely when just for once money can’t buy an heiress justice?


Judge Nicholas Garaufis denied the motion from Clare Bronfman’s lawyers requesting she be allowed to end her home detention and roam in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, from the hours of 6 am to 8 pm.

The judge said, he might “as well be offering a chance for a person to see the world.”

Bronfman’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, said Clare was getting restless in the apartment, especially since she’s used to “running, jogging, and exercising.”

The skinny NXIVM leader, who consumes only 800 calories per day, normally jogs some 30 miles per week.

Judge Garaufis said he would reconsider the motion in a few months but in the meantime would consider allowing Clare to get  a “fitness center membership” where she’d be allowed out a few times per week.

Necheles said Clare visited her attorneys in their office without running away and it would be nice if she could have gone with them to a restaurant.

Garaufis suggested they simply order in lunch from a “nice restaurant” when she visits lawyers.

“She eats much more carefully than I do,” said Necheles referring to Bronfman’s 800 calorie per day Raniere/DOS diet.

“Then order carefully,” Judge Garaufis replied.

Judge Garaufis also ruled that Bronfman must stay away from anyone related to NXIVM.

Necheles argued that every one of her friends are NXIVM members.

The Judge said “All she has to do is call her old friends from Dalton or wherever she went to high school.”

[The judge may not know that she never graduated from high school.]

Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza said that all NXIVM members on the Stripe Path might be “un-indicted co-conspirators” and possible witnesses.

The Judge did not rule on whether Bronfman can associate with her bookkeeper [believed to be Michelle ‘Shelly’ Tarzia] who is expected to be a witness against her.

Clare, along with the other defendants – NXIVM founder Keith Alan Raniere, NXIVM president Nancy Salzman, NXIVM Vice President in Charge of Education Lauren Salzman, DOS leader Allison Mack, and hapless fall girl, low level bookkeeper Kathy Russell are all due back in court Sept. 13.

Jury selection for the trial is scheduled for January – although the trial may very well be postponed due to more superseding indictments.

Ah, poor Legatus. Allison Mack is allowed to go out for work, school, church and volunteering for whatever…. and Clare is stuck at home – with an empty refrigerator and a stair-master.

Clare – almost fashionably dressed – leaves court today- to head right home – where she is confined 24/7 except when she goes to court or meets with lawyers.

The little lady, who filed so many false criminal complaints against innocent people – enemies of Keith Raniere – is enjoying her just reward.

As she tried to imprison innocent people – to fulfill her master’s demands – she now heads there in their stead – along with her Vanguard.

Yes, prison looms large as her long term future.


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  • Frank I love you!?? You are my new hero! I just started reading CATHERINE Oxenberg’s book and it is clear she loves you too! I love the part about you. It is obvious without you she would not been able to carry on and I know she has a deep affection and gratitude for you. That was a holy moment in the rain when you guys connected after you told her about killing snakes as a boy. She talks about the archangel MICHAEL, well I think he was right there making you and has been by your side! You are the incredible snake killer! I never put someone on a pedestal but let me say I admire the hell out of you! I saw that satisfaction on your face when the vice reporter interviewed you. I have laughed out loud and cried reading and seeing you. Even that reporter smiled. She liked you too. And you said I put him in prison! Yes you did Cher! (Love) Yes, you did! That evil bastard hopefully will rot there. I heard he got his arm broken. Wonder if those inmates dislike him as much as we do! I bet he tried his BS on them and he got some prison justice. Fingers crossed! I hope all the hell they have put you through will be at an end and your name will be cleared. Please take care of yourself. I wish I had a FRANK IN MY LIFE. I need one as I just lost my mother and need your dogged research, strength, and fight to fight the people that did that to her. I have a favorite word called RACHE which means a RECKONING which is a righteous justice and I pray you and Catherine the GREAT and all those harmed by this evil vicious cult will receive your full RACHE. I pray I get mine too. Much love to you! You rock. Send my best to Catherine the Great. Hope her daughter will be able to get the help,she needs those chains and heal. If only we could end Scientology too and other cults! Te Adoro! I adore you! ??????? Trishibebe

    • Thank you for the on-point enthusiasm. Suggestion – Also do some checking on Toni Natalie, possibly the first defiant crusader. She has a major New York attitude – so KR is outmatched hands down!

  • Necheles is doing things that are openly juvenile, vain and antagonistic towards the court, in my opinion.

    She’s drafting her requests — and responding to the judge’s questions — in a manner that suggests she thinks her client is guilty of a parking infraction. lol

    If Necheles had carefully drafted a request asking for much less than total freedom to roam the city while speaking to anybody she wants, then she may have had a better chance. However, instead of being reasonable, she asked for the mother load and didn’t even really say ‘please’.

    She just insinuates that it’s laughable that anybody wouldn’t trust Clare Bear not to run (and that eating at nice restaurants is a luxury her client is having trouble doing without).

    Clare could be in prison. But instead of being grateful for her relative freedom, she’s whining like a selfish little b*tch.

    Her arguments sound as if they’re designed to be heard by somebody without a brain. She sounds as though she lacks enough common sense to know how absurd some of her arguments will sound to other people.

    Her restaurant argument was incredibly vain sounding — since she’s basically saying that Clare finds it inconvenient that she cannot dine in 5 star restaurants for a few months.

    I don’t think the gravity of Clare’s situation has really hit her yet.

    She should be doing cartwheels about not being locked up in prison right now.

    If she can’t handle living in a huge penthouse and ordering take out from 5 star restaurants, then how the hell is she going to handle actual prison after she’s convicted? I think this fact alone should convince the judge that Clare will become much more of a flight risk as the trial date nears — and her eventual conviction/incarceration date draws ever closer.

  • Bad day for honesty. Clare has not been proven guilty of anything. But where is innocent until proven guilty? The judge should be removed from the bench and the prosecutor is a demon on her tall high heels. She thinks she is hot stuff but like all women she is desirous of Keith and probably is beginning to realize it. #Clare will be freed!

    • The female US Attorney prosecuting NXIVM is “desirous of Keith” ?

      WTF ?

      The bud is pretty good here, but Pea clearly has a source of truly primo stuff !

  • So what exactly is a LEGATUS? From Wikipedia…

    A legatus (anglicized as legate) was a high ranking Roman military officer in the Roman Army, equivalent to a modern high ranking general officer. Initially used to delegate power, the term became formalized under Augustus as the officer in command of a legion.

    After the Roman Republic, all control from the Senate shifted to the Emperor, making him the most powerful person in Rome. The Legatus Legionis would delegate duties to his command staff, which then would carry out his tasks. The Legatus is the most respected military officer in Rome.

    A legatus legionis could order capital punishment. A legatus was entitled to twelve lictors who carried out punishments with fasces (bundled rods).

  • Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza said that all NXIVM members on the Stripe Path might be “un-indicted co-conspirators” and possible witnesses.


    That makes NXIVM the exact same as a street gang only it consists mainly of white upper and middle class women.

  • Awww…look on the bright side, Legatardus…it would be really tough to jog while wearing an ankle monitor…

  • The justice system is on a roll today!!! Me and my big bro Shadowstate are going to Hooters to celebrate! Y’all are welcome to join in!

  • Thank God. A decision not to extend an already most generous set of bail conditions, to include the right to potentially harass/compromise a witness for the prosecution.

  • Very good news, indeed. She could have and would have done some major damage roaming free and associating with the remaining NXIVM crowd. Witness tampering and intimidation would have been at the top of her to-do list. Apparently the Judge recognized that.

    However it bites that she has a luxury apartment to in which to stew.

    • “in which to stew”, not “to in which to stew” – sorry. Typo City. Glad Scott’s not here to lambast me! 🙂

  • Finally some good news!

    Clare is going to have a very tough time beating the tax evasion and conspiracy to commit tax evasion charges that are upcoming.

    By paying off Keith’s credit card (in Pam’s name), Clare is giving payments to Keith. Even if they are gifts, they have to be reported.

    In breaking news, Paul Manafort just convicted for tax evasion and failure to file foreign back account information.


    Sounds like a preview of coming attractions for Clare.

  • Gee, I’m sorry, what was it again that Susan Necheles was saying about courts consistently ruling in Bronfman’s favour ?

    Oh, the Schadenfreude is strong.

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