Judge approves- Nancy Salzman can talk to Michelle and Ben Myers

As requested, Judge Nicholas Giraufis has agreed that Nancy Salzman may talk to her daughter Michelle Myers and son-in-law Benjamin Myers.

See the court’s approval at bottom of this document:

Nancy is also permitted to speak with daughter Lauren Salzman – who is a codefendant in the federal case.

NXIVM announced prior to Nancy’s arrest that NXIVM classes were suspended.  Sources tell me that NXIVM offshoots – Jness and the Society of Protectors – continue to meet and hold classes.

The reason the court was given for Nancy being permitted to speak with codefendant, daughter, Lauren is that Nancy is facing a life-threatening physical condition [unnamed] and her daughter Lauren helps care for her.

I reported last September that Nancy confided to NXIVM friends that she had breast cancer. She reportedly claimed she would use NXIVM technology to cure herself.

Meantime Nancy can talk to both of her daughters and son-in-law Ben. She cannot speak to her other son-in-law, Keith Raniere – who had promised to sire an avatar child for Lauren more than a decade ago.

He “spermed out”, so to speak, but, still, as her slave master, he claims to be her spiritual husband – [as well as husband of all his harem].

Raniere is currently in lockup at the Metropolitan Detention Center, having been denied bail.

Nancy, it seems, is quite as good a mother as Keith was a father.  While Keith denied his firstborn son – claiming he was an orphan – Nancy gave her teen daughters over to Keith to enjoy.

According to witnesses, while Lauren joyfully cavorted with Raniere – even fondling and playfully wrestling with him in front of mother Nancy, when she was quite young – with Nancy’s gleeful approval – Michelle found his fondling creepy and was less inclined to be enjoyed by him – although she seemed fascinated by the master-slave concept and expressed it in her artwork.

It didn’t turn out too well for any of them.

Charges may yet be leveled against Michelle and Ben Myers.

Michelle and Ben Myers.

Michelle Salzman seemed to revel in what some think is slave artwork. Here is a sketch of hers of what might be a DOS slave with a belly chain [of slavery.] It is required of all DOS slaves to wear either a belly chain, an ankle bracelet or a necklace as a symbol of slavery to Keith Raniere.

From the works of Michelle Salzman. The woman in the sketch is wearing the belly chain favored by some slaves of Raniere, including Allison Mack. The slave is saying OMG I can’t even”….she can’t even–  what?
A necklace, belly chain or ankle bracelet is worn by DOS members as symbolic of slavery. They secret wear the collar of their master, Keith Raniere. From the artwork of Michelle Salzman-Myers, a member of Jness and reputed member of DOS.
Artwork is part of any culture: Women strip and are branded on their pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere [and Allison Mack] . This is from the artwork of Michelle Salzman.
The artwork of Michelle Salzman turned toward a fascination with female grief, pain and wearing of symbolic slave chains. This woman’s pubic region seems to be darkened as if it could be a brand.


Nancy Salzman and her daughter Michelle. Nancy gave both her daughters over to Keith Raniere when they were young.





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