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Source: Suspicious activities – with pregnant women – at Betancourt’s Albany-area house

Here is a text I received on my phone – 716-990-5740 – which is a number I make public so that anyone can reach me to provide information or to get protection from the vicious Bronfman-Raniere-Salinas crime organization.

I have not verified the information but thought it should be put out there since readers may have some clue to what it might mean or be able to provide more info.

The person who sent me the text was responding to an earlier article I posted about Alejandro Betancourt – the business and personal partner of Emiliano Salinas – and the man who was told by Keith Raniere that he was Benito Mussolini in his previous life.

Alex is the father of twins – via a mother hired to birth them. Alex is gay and is not married. It is not known if Alex is the sperm donor of his twins.

I do not know if the text I received [below] contains truthful information or not – and as Alex Betancourt said in his essay, Defamation in the Age of the Internet“Now more than ever, don’t be a sheep (or don’t be their monkey). Think for yourself.”

Here is the text:


Frank I would like to commend you on the job you’re doing.

Unfortunately I can’t disclose who I am but the Alex posting today was well deserved and he should certainly be an emphasis on your reporting.

The information I’m providing is 100% accurate. You should do a FOIL request at the Clifton Park Building Department regarding 318 Moe Road. His private residence… not only building a home with 3 bathrooms and five bedrooms he increased the size with additional bedrooms and bathrooms in the basement.

He was communicating that the main house upstairs was being used as a nursery.

I personally have no love for Alex. He is a punk bastard that likes to threaten people with lawsuits and squeeze them just like Keith Raniere.

I have witnessed many attractive women in various stages of pregnancy coming in and going out of his residence at 318 Moe Road….  and he was never there.

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  • Since you’re inviting speculation on why PREGNANT women are being quietly housed within a suburban U.S. cult compound equipped with a nursery for NEW-BORN babies —

    The term “ANCHOR BABIES” springs to my mind.

    …Wonder how much elite foreigners might pay for such a service to guarantee U.S. birthrights for their soon-born? Or what services these be-labored mom’s had to provide once anchored themselves aboard Vanguard’s vessel?

  • Chilling. Was Keith looking to raise up a small army of child fanatics for his cause?

    • That was the whole point behind Rainbow Cultural Garden.

      In the old days, the Soviets would separate all babies from their mothers for a minimum of 5 to 6 weeks to break the bond between them, and then give them back.

      That is exactly what Raniere is doing with Rainbow Cultural Garden by saying parents aren’t supposed to talk to their own children except a very limited time every day. They are only supposed to be raised by their indoctrinated illegal immigrant (and most likely also forced labour) “nannies”.

  • Alex Betancourt looks as gay as Richard Simmons.

    That said, with Raniere having all of that unprotected sex over the years, I would suspect that the Vanguard had sired lots of Little Vanguards.

    Or is this a case like the old movie “The Boys From Brazil” where Keith Raniere’s stored sperm is used to inject dozens of willing women.

    • OMG
      I think I might be sick, Shadow.?
      But I think the boys from Brazil were supposed to be clones , if I can remember correctly.
      Maybe NXIVM was also running some type of illegal adoption scam….? Though I can think of even worse things a scenario like this one could indicate .

      • I saw the “Boys From Brazil” a long time ago but as I remember the plot they not only cloned der Fuehrer but took great care in recreating his childhood circumstances.
        Hitler had a domineering father and a submissive mother.
        Moreover, Hitler’s father and mother were uncle and niece.
        How could one recreate the chaos of the Vanguard’s twisted childhood?

        • When you were commenting on teen fan websites, I’m fairly sure the kiddies were very impressed. On a site frequented by adults, you do not come off as very bright.
          Since V-Week is likely on permanent hiatus, let me suggest we have an online “Frank Week” celebrating the victory of our host over evil, and all the joy Frank has brought us allowing us along for the ride.

          • Haven’t we had enough hero worship?

            Yes, Frank Parlato is very brave for helping bring down NXIVM but the whole point of bringing down the cult is not to set up a new cult in its stead.

          • We’ve got some planning to do. Let’s see if Silver Bay can fit us in sometime before winter. #FrankWeek

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