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Actress Kristin Kreuk plays brave lawyer who risks all to fight bad guys – contrasts starkly with real life cowardice in NXIVM cult

Kristin Kreuk now stars in a TV series called Burden of Proof.  She plays corporate lawyer Joanna — who, hoping to impress a client, travels to her tiny hometown of Millwood, where female high school students are experiencing seizures and tics after getting the HPV vaccine.

Rather than trying to protect the girls, Joanna represents the big company responsible for manufacturing the shot.

“No filter. No conscience. God made you the perfect lawyer,” Joanna’s dad/boss (Alex Carter) tells her.

On the other side of the courtroom is Billy (Peter Mooney), a former classmate — who has taken on the students’ case.

Joanna goes about offering the girls a deal: The company isn’t admitting fault… but sign this document, waiving your right to ever sue, and you get $50,000!

Then Billy’s niece Molly (Sara Thompson) also falls ill, and the investigation takes a turn. Molly didn’t get the vaccine — she didn’t think she needed it since she’s in a relationship with another girl — so something else must be at the root. That’s good news for Joanna because now the company doesn’t have to pay out.

“Your job is to screw people over. Good, hardworking people!” Molly exclaims. “And you saw me, and you thought, ‘Well, she’s just a sick kid. She’ll agree to anything.’ How can you live with yourself?!”

That slap in the face is just what Joanna needs to come to her senses and partner up with Billy to track down the source of the seizures.  She now turns brave lawyer and risks her high paying legal career to fight against the bad guys and expose them.


In real life, Kristin Kreuk was in a cult called NXIVM.  She was a famous actress and so  – hoping to impress Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] – she would travel to their tiny hometown of Albany where she helped recruit young female students thrilled to be in the same group as she was.

Some of these females experienced psychological torture and brainwashing [and herpes] after receiving the teachings of Keith Raniere.  Rather than trying to protect the girls, Kreuk continued to support NXIVM.

“No filter. No conscience. God made you the perfect actress,” Vanguard might as well have told her.

On the other side of the equation was James Odato of the Albany Times Union  — who had taken the young women’s side. His articles revealed that Raniere was, among other things, a pedophile.

Even after the series came our, Kreuk continued to allow herself to be used as recruitment bait and even promoted a teen recruitment effort called Girls By Design.  She does not ever say NXIVM is at fault.

Even when the battle was at its crucial moment – when the Frank Report was the only publication decrying the branding and blackmailing of women – Kreuk declined to speak out – although privately she told ex-members that what Keith had done by branding women was horrible.

Some wondered about Kreuk’s silence: “How can you live with yourself?!”

After the New York Times – then the rest of the world media – reported on the insane practices of NXIVM, Kreuk continued to hide and would not make a comment – especially during a critical time when we who opposed NXIVM were trying to get Allison Mack and others to leave the cult – prior to their arrest.

After Raniere’s arrest and when the media started to question Kreuk  – she lied and said she knew nothing about the horrors of NXIVM.  Some media outlets condemned her. But even that slap in the face did not get Kreuk to come clean about the cult she endorsed and supported.

She escaped mostly without career damage, without acknowledging the damage she caused others, especially Allison Mack, who – make no mistake – Kreuk recruited into the cult.  And Kreuk was not some low-level member either. She was one of the top coaches for NXIVM.

Today, Kristin Kreuk plays a brave lawyer who risks her high-paying legal career to fight against and expose bad guys.  She must be one hell of an actress.


A reader wrote recently:

Kreuk said – in March 2018 she left NXIVM “about five years ago.”  Sarah Edmondson said Kreuk “has been out since 2013”.

The Times Union series called “Secrets of NXIVM” came out in February 2012. So Kreuk certainly took her time being disgusted by the revelations in it of pedophilia.

Plus something interesting:  Kreuk was interviewed on The Hour in December 2012, where she plugged Beauty and the Beast… and also plugged Girls By Design (about 2:40 in)

[Girls By Design is a program for teen girls inspired by the teachings of Keith Raniere-Nancy Salzman. Many believe Girls By Design was started by Kreuk and Salzman to recruit teen girls into NXIVM. Three years after revelations that Raniere had sex with girls as young as 12, Kreuk was  pushing Raniere’s teen girl teachings.}


Seems like we really still don’t know when and why Kreuk got free of the cult and Keith Raniere.


Another reader wrote:

Kristin Kreuk was still coaching NXIVM in 2012 according to this Reddit user: https://frankreport.com/2017/11/10/i-got-dragged-into-one-of-the-nxivm-classes-about-five-years-ago-and-kristin-kreuk-showed-up/

She was publicly thanked by a NXIVM cult attendee in 2015 on social media for her “encouragement” in his recent ESP NXIVM course. That was over three years after the revelations of pedophilia and one year, 10 months before Sarah Edmondson was branded. The pedophilia of Keith Raniere clearly had zero effect on her opinion of NXIVM.

Despite filming a television series in Toronto, Kreuk was still going to Albany in 2012 and apparently was still coaching.

To sum up –

The shit should have hit the fan in February 2012 when the Times Union expose came out.


Kristin Kreuk was even named in that expose:


Another reader wrote:
As I recall Kristin took a TV series in Toronto in 2012 and didn’t leave NXIVM. She was just not in Vancouver anymore or anywhere there was a NXIVM centre. People in NXIVM in Vancouver said she was still in the group but was very busy on her TV series between 2012 and 2014. … I do not believe she left the group in 2012 as some people are saying…. Certainly that’s not what people high up in ESP were saying then. Perhaps they are changing their tune now to protect her.
Another reader:

Kreuk was in New York with fellow NXIVM leaders Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth in June 2012, four months after the revelations that Keith had sex with girls as young as 12.

Allison Mack reveals in this Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/MBj1E8Ji1c/?taken-by=allisonmack729



When I look at the above picture, I see three NXIVM leaders who are also actors smiling together. It is June 2012.

At that same time, women such as Gina M., Serena, Rachel, Rhiannon, Layla, and others were not smiling. These women who had been raped by Raniere when they were teens were trying to heal. They had hoped their coming forward and revealing their secret horrors to the Times Union would shock such as Kruek into leaving and decrying the cult.

By June, they were shocked that the Times Union series had not shaken loose important members of NXIVM such as Kruek.

They were shocked and frightened.

Gina Hutchinson was just 14 when the course of her life brought her into the orbit of Keith Raniere.  Gina – another one of the girls Raniere raped – was neither smiling nor trying to heal. She committed suicide – within hours after her last encounter with Raniere.

Kreuk used her fame to bring in NXIVM recruits. Kreuk did not use her fame to prevent the horrors that were to happen.  Had Kreuk spoken out in 2012  – or even made a public break with NXIVM – maybe no woman would have been branded. Even now she does not condemn NXIVM – when it is finally safe to do so.

My disappointment in her lies in the fact that she let her friend, Allison Mack, get fully destroyed by NXIVM and sat by and said nothing.

Regardless, watch Kristin Kreuk play a brave lawyer in Burden Of Truth.

In real life, she feels no such burden.



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  • “My disappointment in her lies in the fact that she let her friend, Allison Mack, get fully destroyed by NXIVM and sat by and said nothing.”

    Kristin Kreuk is responsible for recruiting multiple people into NXIVM, including Allison Mack but she is not responsible for Mack’s extremely heinous life choices. For whatever reason, Kreuk was wise enough to get out of the cult before the DOS/branding insanity while Mack chose to stay and help create this destructive “sisterhood.” Mack’s horrible choices are on AM and AM alone and Kreuk is in no way responsible. Now I would love it if Kristin Kreuk was more like Sarah Edmondson and talked about how sorry she is for recruiting so many people but we haven’t hear that yet.

  • Is this why she sought more self confidence thru ESP?

    “I was so scared for so long. On Smallville, there came a point where I finally got the courage to give my opinion on something, and it was so hard. I remember being on the phone with the producers and stating my opinion, and then quietly crying. I was so terrified to voice anything. And from that point on, it’s been a slow process of becoming more and more confident, speaking up, and having people listen to me.”


  • She can make amends by cutting a deal with the judge to show “Street Fighter the Legend of Chun Li” on a loop in Keith Nancy and Clare’s jail cells. Torture!

  • NXIVM is so toxic that it has few Saints or Angels.

    NXIVM leaves behind lots of victims and only a few survivors.
    Is that your definition of success, Keith Raniere?

    • His definition of “success” is that he gets all his needs and desires met, while living a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of Others. And that the willing, cheerful herd following him believes it is happy and part of a valid world / media / human improvement movement. As said before, KR (I find it harder and harder to type his name) smirked through all of it.

      Maybe we should rename KR “Damien Thorn”.

  • A common thread that I notice about these higher-up NXIVM names, is that they all are incredibly shallow people with no conscience or scruples – sociopaths, if you will. Perhaps the NXIVM “teachings” were partly designed to look for people who already had sociopathic tendencies, or at least had personalities that could be manipulated towards sociopathy.

    • I saw a higher up NXIVM member act with scruples once, but it was only because I said I was going to the D.A.

      I think it is more that they are a bunch of cowards.

      For all of their nonsense about being on about Ayn Rand, the only ones who have had the courage to go it alone are being called Jane Doe (insert number here) right now.

      • Anon:

        Well, somebody like you (who was there), & somebody like me (who finds things out) know who all the Jane Doe’s are in this case.

        People are funny; most take a different attitude when the threat of serious problems arises.

        Did you have any further problems with them, after that event happened, or was that the end of it?

        Raniere, at heart was seemingly very insecure; it would be almost comical, if it wasn’t for the long list of people he’s caused tremendous harm to.

        • I don’t think that particular coach every told anybody else what transpired, because they could have been in trouble for creating a problem that could draw more negative attention to NXIVM. Also, it wasn’t a “friendly” D.A. I would have been talking to.

          Amazingly (or not really when you consider how dense these people are), I was still getting repeated jness invitations. I guess it was supposed to bring me back to the fold to have the chance to take part in such an elite women’s group.

          Raniere has interested, but I wasn’t.

          It’s been a while since I was around

    • This is true. That’s why Mr. Parlato also took a $1 million dollar free from these same people and only started attacking them after he was threatened with jail time because of them. Otherwise, if they let him keep the $1 million dollars for doing less than six months of work he wouldn’t have given two shits about NXIVM. Everyone involved in this whole set of affairs are self-serving dolts. Word on the street is Mr. Parlato is also into some of his own problematic activities with the law.

      • 1M$ commission on the 26M$ he got back for the Bronfman’s is pretty cheap really.

        Most collection agencies charge a helluva lot more than that.

        Somebody got her panties in a twist because people are exposing the truth about her not really leaving NXIVM?

        • Like Kristin would ever post here.

          “Exposing the truth”? LOL. This article is all subjective calumny based on nothing but hearsay. Its “evidence” is nothing more than anonymous posts here and on other websites. There is not a single person referenced here who has stated anything on the record about her involvement since she left in 2013. Reddit is now proof? Anonymous comments on this blog are now proof?

          The only person with a name who has stated anything on the record about her involvement is Sarah Edmondson who already confirmed that Kristin had nothing to do with the sex cult and has been out since 2013.

          So one wonders what is the motivation of this article? What is the purpose in broaching the subject of Kristin Kreuk once again when an article very similar to this was already posted many months ago? More click bait? Is more traffic to a website worth it to sully someone’s character without real evidence, against a likely chance that they are entirely innocent from any wrongdoing?

          If so, watch your back. What goes around comes around.

    • Sociopaths that are trying to overcome their sociopathism (is that a word?) with grandiose ideas that they can heal humanity and its “ethical beach”?

      • I don’t think sociopaths would try to overcome sociopathic behaviour. The ethics thing is just the vehicle they were using to rip off people .
        They are always selling snake oil, whatever they chose to call it.

  • Wow. Talk about an article that reeks of subjective stank, riding the coattails of the recent media exposure of her new show in order to continue to sully her character and name. Now we know who all the anonymous posters are who keep bringing up the Kreuk.

  • “Allison Mack very noticeably refused to make eye contact with her NXIVM slave master Keith Raniere at yesterday’s hearing in Brooklyn. She was sitting only a few feet from him and he was clearly trying to get her attention and she was very obviously ignoring him, she shunned him. For those of us that were there watching who know NXIVM protocol this is a huge sign that Allison’s finally turned on Keith,” an eyewitness in court tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

    “At yesterday’s hearing in Brooklyn Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza, the lead prosecutor for the government’s case, told the judge that the government is in discussions for a plea deal with one or more of the defendants. The way Allison behaved towards Keith in court makes a very good case for her being one of the defendants taking a plea deal. It seems very likely that she’s turned on him or very close to turning,” our witness continues.

    “It’s not a done deal yet though because she’s been wavering when it comes to NXIVM and Keith. One day she’s ready to break away from the cult and the next day she’s back in. But that’s part of waking up from something like this, it’s typical of what other members that are in the process of getting out go through. But her behavior yesterday towards Keith and her refusal to even meet his gaze is very telling. We are all taking it as good sign,” our insider adds.


    • They have a lot of hard evidence in the form of electronic communications.

      That being said, a guilty plea would go well towards convicting everybody else.

      Plus, she should be able to give them enough information to bring more charges.

      I do not believe there is a chance in hell of any deal that doesn’t involve prison time.

      • I don’t think she’ll avoid prison, but she could easily get the charges reduced. As heinous and downright evil as these people are, most of them are probably first-offenders with PRS’s of 0.

        I agree that they have a lot of hard evidence, but at the same time, in any RICO case, there are always additional questions raised that they’ll want answers to.

        At the end of the day, it’s all about the money. A lot of the assets are subject to civil forfeiture, and you can bet they want as much out of Clare Bronfman as they can get.

        If Allison Mack can fill in some blanks, the Feds will be willing to deal with her, especially if she has knowledge of Salinas’, money laundering, and trafficking.

        Time will tell.

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