Philadelphia, PA USA - February 21, 2014; These four landline telephones are available to inmates in a public area of the Philadelphia Prison System (PPS) in the NorthEast section of Philadelphia. (photo by Bas Slabbers) Image part of a photo reportage made during the visit of a Philadelphia Public High School student to the facilities of the Philadelphia Prison System as part of the Philadelphia Police League PAL Day. On this day the 18-year old Martin Luther King High School senior Tyreek Scott shadows Louis Giorla, Commissioner of PPS during a workday at the Philadelphia Prison System in the NorthEast section of Philadelphia

Raniere has access to internet and phones – on limited basis

Keith Raniere [Federal Inmate #57005-177] has to pay for internet access at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn NY.  He pays precisely the same as other inmates, with no special allowance made because he is The Vanguard.
He pays $.05 per minute for online time — and $.15 per page that he prints out.
Here are the rules for his phone calls:
MDC Brooklyn Inmate Phone Calls

Housing units normally have four telephones for inmate use. Inmates are allowed a maximum of 300 minutes per month from January thru October – and 400 minutes in November and December.  Calls are limited to 15 minutes per call. The regular cost of an inmate call is 21 cents per minute with a 15-minute call costing $3.15.

At a maximum of 300 minutes, Raniere can spend a maximum of $63 per month on phone calls except in November and December when he can spend $84.

At one time, not so very long ago, this penniless man had an heiress to buy up all justice for him he wanted and destroy lives at a million dollars a throw. Now, he has to conserve his commissary money and not exceed it.  And because all his calls may be monitored, he has to be careful talking to his soon-to-be-indicted heiress, Clare Bronfman, who abetted him in most of his criminality.

Moira Penza said of Clare Bronfman last week at a hearing for Raniere’s bail, that Clare “has acted as a co-conspirator of the defendant over many years,” and again, “this is a person who the government doesbelieve has acted as a co-conspirator in criminal activity with the defendant.”

Penza also said, Clare “on one occasion… provided a 65 million-dollar loan to the defendant for the commodities market, which then all of that money was lost and has never been repaid. So this is the type of amounts of money. It is really unimaginable wealth and limitless wealth that we’re talking about here. So the idea that any amount of money would not be worth it to this person [Clare] to allow the defendant to flee [if he made bail], should we end up in that situation, is unimaginable.

“And she — this person [Clare], is also somebody who, Your Honor, is equally capable along with the defendant of trying to live off the grid. We’re talking about people with private islands, talking about people with access to private air travel, which the defendant has participated in. People who have also been using encrypted email. People who have also been dropping their phones so that the government is unable to track them.”

Just think, Raniere allegedly dropped his phone so that government was unable to track him and now the government is providing him with a phone — at 21 cents a minute.


Clare Bronfman may soon become a guest of the government and share a lifestyle not dissimilar to the one her Vanguard now enjoys.


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