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Man claims he went to NXIVM sex cult party with Allison Mack, Stormy Daniels, Eric Schniederman, Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin

A man named Benjamin Szemkus is telling a story about his meeting with Keith Raniere. His story first appeared after the arrest of Allison Mack. He is on Reddit, and YouTube and elsewhere and will appear on Scott Johnson’s radio show.

Ben claims it is a true story. I would like to get reader’s opinions.

On YouTube, Ben says he “attended a NXIVM Recruitment Party/Mixer in February 2007 in Hamden, Connecticut in which I met Stormy Daniels as Well as some High Powered Political Figures and NXIVM Founders, Major Supporters and Members.”

Those he claims to have met that night in one place were Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, former and disgraced NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Clare and Sara Bronfman and Stormy Daniels.

Below is his published statement detailing his experience that night [with slight copy editing].

By Benjamin Szemkus

As I am watching the recent news, there is the arrests of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere Leaders of the NXIVM Group. A sense of intrigue prodded Me to look deeper into what is going on and how the alleged Sex Cult might have gotten to where it is now.

Something which gave Me weird senses of Deja Vu looking at photographs of Raniere and Mack, saying to myself, “I have seen these people before.” It wasn’t any Exposé or Investigation Video that gave Me such a familiar disposition with them it was something else.

I have been to Clubs in Vancouver, British Columbia and have seen the NXIVM Business Cards, black glossy cards with white letters ‘NXIVM’ thrown around club floors, tucked into bathroom stalls and moldings around the walls of the Clubs in the Gaslight District.  Weird but nothing, too crazy I was told it was a cult to stay away from.

One incident was when my ‘at the time’ Girlfriend and I were in B.C. visiting her friend O—. After a second of hanging at O—‘s apartment We hit the bars around the area. O— was excited for my Girlfriend and I to meet her best friend who was en route to meet up with us as We sat at a small table near the bars front door.

Coming into the bar was a pretty blonde flanked by two other blondes all dressed in club attire 5 inch heels and all.

O—‘s friend gave a forced monologue about how she had found her calling and was with a group that understood her and that she must cut all ties with O— for her to progress onward with her new life. She abruptly turns and leaves lockstep with the two side blondes. O— stunned jumps up yelling , ‘What the Fuck!’ Runs out after her friend. After a moment O— came back still stunned and a bit pale. My Girlfriend asked ‘WTF?’ O— shrugged speechless. She eventually explained how in shock she was, that was her best buddy who, out of nowhere cut ties and was done with their friendship.

O— was visibly devastated. This was all very strange but never did I think much of it, it was just a weird out of nowhere experience..

Fast track to last week. In an Effort to Understand NXIVM I focused on the arrested Co-Leader of the Group, Allison Mack. The mainstay of her career as far as I knew was the TV Show ‘Smallville’ a teen steam show which was aired on the WB Network some years back.  A former coworker whom I had a mega-crush once mentioned She thought ‘Smallville’ was ‘just so …. ‘ I can’t remember the word She used but it obviously had an inspiriting influence on her, she had such a tranquil look in her eyes giving her brief description of the show. These factors considered I torrented every season of the show to check out as more of an investigation than for entertainment (to be honest I had wished Mega-Crush was around to watch it with Me as I felt super lame sitting by Myself watching the show, but it is what it is, and I wanted to do some research).

Halfway into the 2nd Episode the Deja Vu kicks in. “I’ve seen this before!?” I think to myself, “How the Fuck have I seen this before I would never have just watched this corndog teen steam. Then it hits me. Back in College (SCSU) I went to a weird party, that before the guests started showing up the Host put on ‘Smallville’ as a primer to the guests that were about to arrive.

As I started remembering flashes of the night like a spell was lifted an ‘OH SHIT’ Moment occurred.

That was a Fucking NXIVM Mixer!!!! I call it a mixer because at the party I asked, ‘when is this Party going to start?’ The Host said, ‘Oh this isn’t a NXIVM Party, their parties are these epic events with DJs and Festivities.’ She even mentioned the NXIVM crew had parties on Richard Bransons Island in the located among the British Virgin Islands. One Funny thing is that the girls at the Party were a bit miffed that Kristin Kreuk wasn’t going to show up but Allison Mack (who I thought was the prettier of the two) would be showing up. The Host did mention a ‘Special Guest’ and said it was an Adult Film Star. I replied like a dick, ‘You mean a pornstar?’ They said, ‘Don’t call her that while She is here!!’

Let me back up. As the memory chunks fell back into place my recollection of the night, experiences, who was there, who I was with and how I got there all slowly came back to Me over the course of a day of intense recall. In February 2007 I was attending SCSU living in the North Dormitories dating a pretty young lady named *** (considering the information I am about to give I am holding any names back for their safety). Now *** had a friend named A—, a pretty African American woman who was approached by a few blondes dressed fashionably as A— was studying in the Yale Library. They said they liked A—‘s style and wanted to know if She would like to go to a Womens Empowerment Group Meeting/Mixer.

A— said she would, they told her to invite a friend if She could. A— naturally invited ***, as in New Haven, Connecticut being the crazy place it can be, You don’t go to a strange Party alone. New Haven is No Fucking Joke (should be the City Motto)…

Now the Party/Mixer was supposed to be an all girls event but *** being the badass that she is asked Me to come along because She wanted to hang out with Me and it was around My Birthday Week (My Birthdays were not a one day event back in those days). I thought okay, Yale kids, I can sell some weed, let’s go.

Fast forward to showing up to the Party/Mixer, located off of Skiff Street in Hamden, Connecticut right behind the Hamden Plaza (not sure if it is even called that anymore) but it was right up the hill from the Popeyes Chicken (def not a product placement mention). ‘Smallville’ is playing then the door opens in comes Allison Mack. She is in a green wool overcoat with black leather boots. I am a ‘calf’ man and for whatever reason I noticed she had what my good buddy Matt and I referred to as ‘Fatty Richgirl Ankles’ and seemed a bit more gruff and ‘plain Jane’ in person than I imagined, specifically chubby mechanic hands. She surveys the room takes off her overcoat and was in a dark colored corset and a mini skirt giving her the appearance of a sadistic warden from an 80’s Womens Prison Movie. Mack was accompanied by a quiet man with a Tony Danza ‘Who’s the Boss’ haircut and glasses. He introduced himself as Keith.

The crowd of females, about a dozen maybe a bakers dozen, were in attendance and as far as I could tell were all Yale Students but would not be surprised if some NHU students were also there. At first it was Me and a boyfriend of one of the Yale girls, were the only dudes at the party.

*** caught a little shit for bringing me but *** covered maybe saying I was their ride so it was okay, plus *** really didn’t care what a bunch of Yale Girls wanted anyhow. Throughout the night thus far I was making trips to the outside deck of the apartment to smoke cigarettes. I went out for another.

Smoking a cigarette I noticed through the sliding door blind more guests were arriving, I was loosely watching the guests come in and smoking bowls of weed in between pulls from a cigarette *** and I were splitting. The sliding door blinds shutter a bit and out comes a big black dude with a dainty blonde wearing a tight suede overcoat and boots. She introduced herself, ‘My name is Stormy Daniels.’ I introduced myself to the two and proceeded smoking a cigarette. Stormy mentioned all the girls in the room and that she was real nervous, something I thought weird her being an adult film star and all but then again I believe there is a great deal of insecurities involved in being in such a trade so I figured I would offer her a bowl of weed. She said no thank you that it would make her eyes red and make her ‘all goofy.’ Her bodyguard said he would like to smoke but he was working so he couldn’t. I told them a bunch of sick dead baby joke because cracking jokes was My thing.

I bummed Stormy another Smoke and Mack poked her head out of the sliding glass door to say, ‘We’re starting.’ She was talking to Stormy. Stormy goes in maybe saying ‘wish me luck.’

Mack looked at the bodyguard and I, says ‘This part is Girls only.’ and shuts the sliding glass door walks inside yelling, ‘Okay Bitches…’ words to the effect that the meeting part of the program was starting. A few moments later the one other dude, the boyfriend of one of the attendees I mentioned before, comes out onto the deck and I believe I continued to tell some ‘dead baby’ jokes to the bodyguard and the boyfriend because why not.

Looking inside at the group in the living room, the Yale girls and A— were all kneeling on the floor in front of Mack, she led a discussion on something. *** was sitting in a chair off to the side of the attentive Yale students with a look on her face that read, ‘Fuck This.’ They broke off after a few minutes of listening to Mack and Keith speak, some in the front room, the other went to the back bedrooms where there were some other computer consoles. I think this is the part were they watched a quick video one at a time as a skinny baldish white dude took notes on a clipboard. The meeting ended after a short bit and Me, the Bodyguard and Boyfriend Man came back in. The Mixer was on.

Lights went low and some party music came on. I walked around talking to Keith and Baldish Guy, I had no intention of speaking to any of the Yale Girls unless they wanted to buy some weed (I never sold any weed that night). A salt and pepper haired man with dark circles around his eyes came in (almost like a Pakistani or Eastern Indian man’s eyes can be sometimes, I hope that doesn’t sound racist but that’s what I thought). He scans the room of girls prancing about, sees me, makes a B-Line over and introduces himself. His name was Eric Schneiderman, he spoke with a NYC accent and mentioned the activity in the room.

Half sarcastic, I said, ‘Yeah it’s great’ he mentioned the movement that they were building and asked if I had spoke with Keith, who just before I was talking ‘teleology’ with. He wore a sweater and some jeans. Keith mentioned a plan of child caregivers that spoke seven or so different languages to train the children they were looking after. Keith was real interested in himself I could tell by his lofty mannerisms, he seemed needy for positive response. I thought’ugh’ and broke off to talk with Schneiderman who was then just walking over. Schneiderman was dressed business casual with a 3 button silky short sleeved golf shirt and slacks with leather dress shoes maybe loafers (nice leather I could tell they were probably $300 dollar shoes maybe more).

I asked Schneiderman if he wanted to go smoke some weed and he declined saying, ‘I don’t think My constituents would be happy with that’ but thanked Me for the offer. I said, ‘Oh You’re a Politician?’ ‘I’m a NY State Senator.’ He Replied. I said, ‘Wow a Senator?!’ He said, ‘No a State Senator, that’s something different.’ Me, not being into politics had no clue nor care, I was an economics major and Political Science seemed dumb to Me, so I went to go have a cigarette.

Coming back in there were a few more arrivals. A petite Arabian woman with a far away stare came in with a few pretty women and then a fast sweaty man entered wearing a white dress shirt no tie. The Arabian was a bit ticked off Sweaty Man was running late but he snapped something back about 95 traffic then started working the room introducing himself. The Arab Woman had a look of Mystique and locked eyes with Me from across the room almost trance-like. I spoke to White Dress Shirt Sweaty Man he introduced himself as Anthony Weiner. He points at Arab woman saying, ‘That’s My Wife Huma.’

*** at this point was coming in from having a smoke and talking to A–, I could tell she wanted to go.

I said to Anthony, ‘Hey I think we’re gonna take off.’

He stirred and turned to Huma said, ‘Hey Huma, have We got the info on everyone here?’

She goes around the room starting with Me, takes down my info (she asked for my student ID clipped it on the board and copied the info NAME/SCHOOL ATTENDED), and then moves on to *** and A— getting their info before we left. *** gave Me the car keys which meant I was driving back to SCSU North Campus.

One the way back to the dorms A— seemed sad and felt let down saying she thought it would be a cool Women’s Movement but it was just a bunch of Sorority Wanna-Be’s. I think I even said it seemed like a Cult.

Fortunately *** did not join (I’m pretty sure A— did not but who knows).

Getting back to the dorm making Jokes about “Special Guest Stormy Daniels” because Who the Fuck is Stormy Daniels (this was 11 years ago mind You). I asked what they were watching and they described to me what was later to be known as the infamous ‘Snuff Video’

*** said it all looked fake but she was used to gore stuff like, because once again, she’s a little badass.

A— was a bit put off by the man dressed as a Nazi killing a Black Guy but other than that We didn’t think much else of it except it was a room full of weirdos and it was a goofy Yale Girl Party. Little did I know We were basically in the Belly of the Beast.

This is most of My recollection of that night.. I know it sounds like I am jumping the Shark but it is what it is. I am willing to take a lie detector test and I am more than willing to answer any questions anyone might have.



On Reddit, Benjamin answered some questions https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/c…



Who was in charge during nexium?

Benjamin [using the moniker Delenecion];

It must be Nancy Salzman, maybe she was always really in charge, I felt she was somewhat of a handler for Clare and Sarah Bronfman.


Cool. Who was in charge of NXIVM?


It looked as though Keith Raniere was the chief behind the stages of the Party and Mack seemed like a manager in training.

Wasn’t Mack a slave of KR? Or was she different. It was his cult wasn’t it?

I would say Keith was Mack’s handler.

But, who was in charge of the country while all this was going on?

Sounds like a loaded question. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld is My best guess, George Bush was just their to Prime his CV. It was 2007 so…

Wasn’t a loaded question but I noticed you left our our last two-term President.

Keith seemed to be calling all the Shots, but She seemed like an adepth or trainee. Her demeanor seemed rather forced and amateur though.

I used to like this sub. Now I might as well watch InfoWars.

Nobody is stopping You.

From watching Info Wars? Yeah, SOMETHING is, it’s called common fucking sense.

I am getting the sense that you must be pretty bored. Fortunately for you, I’m really not into satiating some bullshit troll fetish of yours this evening. Have fun finding that special someone though.

I get a bit carried away with emotion, My apologies


The interview Tanster did with Ben included info that Hillary Clinton bestie Huma Abedin was at the NXIVM mixer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1SOLMspxHI&t=919s

Infowars won’t cover this because they’re controlled opposition.

I would hope there would be Outrage but also some accord of Civil conduct as I believe a lifetime of confinement would send a clearer message to other Sex Celts that escape from punishment won’t be so quick and easy. That’s just My opinion though, Solitary Confinement, especially Military prison, is supposed to be some very hard time to serve. I have heard Military Prison Stories that make Walpole and Angola look like a cake walk.

Sorry not ‘Sex Celts’ I meant ‘Sex Cults’…. my bad.

I’d hope there are liberals out there that would place their heart above their pride, same with republicans, the Franklin Conspiracy was a very real thing.

I met Huma at a NXIVM recruitment party, I feel that cat is well out of the bag.

No you didn’t.

I did.

See, that is a great question. I spent all of My time in the kitchen area and the living room area with occasional trips out side to smoke cigarettes on the deck. I might have used the bathroom once or twice but never went into any of the bedrooms except for a quick peek inside the bedroom across from the bathroom. When Weiner showed up I did notice Raniere and Mack weren’t around and assume they may have been in one or both of the bedrooms. Stormy and the bald Guy the same (The bald Guy could have been Dr. Brandan Porter) but don’t quote Me that, the bald Guy I did not speak with as he was busy taking notes down on a clipboard and not really talking to anybody. I can only speculate on what they were doing but something tells Me Stormy may have been nervous because that might have been the night She got branded. Something was going on in the backrooms because there were Yale ladies hanging out back there, but like I said, ‘who knows.’

No problem I want to be as open and clear as I can be. Thanks for Your consideration.

Date? Place?

February 2007 in Hamden, Connecticut.

I want to believe

I really wish I had an ace in the hole but I can only ask for the benefit of the doubt. I have spoken to My old girlfriend but no luck in her having any memory of this party, I am in pursuit of her friend who initially invited us as I believe She may be a great source of corroboration. Until then I just ask for People to have an open mind and a healthy sense of discernment. It would be neat to talk with Stormy again and see if she somehow remembers Me. As I have said before Stormy was surprisingly a down to Earth person, and I told her some pretty shocking jokes, in all You never know…

Oh! Hold on now when did you move from meeting Huma to chatting up Stormy?

I wrote a big statement about the events of that night maybe You haven’t seen it. Careful it’s not phone friendly. https://gist.githubusercontent.com/benszemkus/56549c5d7ac1aec0418b1a9d28cefc23/raw/e5eeabcece2d11637df18f420c8ead8883b030f3/gistfile1.txt

Who else was there, in terms of names other people would recognize?

I really can’t say, the main people I saw were Mack, Raniere, Stormy D, Schneiderman, Weiner, Huma, Salzman , Alefantis, Clare and Sarah Bronfman but like I said I left early there could have been more arrivals, who knows.

I never comment in this sub but… lmao what.

Do you know about NXIVM? The information is being suppressed and misrepresented by the MSM. The court documents indicate that these people were trafficking in adult females, as well as children.


It is a deep rabbit hole, and you might not like what you find.

“I never comment in this sub but… lmao what. ” I am assuming you do not know the nature of the people who rule the world. Do you want to know?

Exposing these People should be our number one goal. They want to have sex with and eat children. These smarmy rich kids and nasty politicians are all looking out for one another and this needs to stop. Also this Stormy Daniels pretending she has No ties to NXIVM is absolute garbage. She’d have to be a complete psycho if she were to look Me in the eyes and say she wasn’t at this NXIVM Mixer I attended (and She was a pretty down to Earth person when I met her but who knows now She is Miss popularity among liberal factions now and I wonder if the Trump payoff is really just putting her on the payroll for the ultimate Democrat Fuckover).

Was this at the same event where you say you met Huma Abedin?


Did she give you a creepy vibe?

Definitely, I think for about an hour We sat around my dorm decompressing/reflecting on how fucking weird the whole experience was.

I believe you. So, they are Satanists/Luciferians?

That and Saturnians. Masons same thing. PS masons are the most racist secret society in this country. They formed the Boule just to keep rich black people quiet. No blacks allowed in freemasonry.

The OTO is another group that I have been trying to expose and that might be the ultimate death of Me.

I agree. I believe it about Masons. They push for diversity, but then they discriminate against blacks and women. I believe that they are responsible for the flood of immigrants into Europe.


It all traces back to saturnian death cults and babylonian schools.

I thought so.

Were the Podesta brothers also there with a small blond female child?

Nope, but I also didn’t stay for the whole event, We left early.

Interesting. Who else was there? Too bad we don’t have pictures. I am not sure why people were so quiet about NXIVM after pizzagate broke. I wonder how many other groups are out there that we are not aware of.

Why do they want to have sex with and eat children?

It’s ultimate power for them, eating our kids and getting away with it. It reminds them of their untouchable status and they are addicted to Adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is supposed to be some serious high look what it does to Anthony Hopkins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdfu9BXmbSw

Yes, I imagine it is the ultimate power trip for them. They think that we are too stupid to know what is going on, and too weak to stop it.  I have been down the pizzagate rabbit hole. I asked you because I was curious about what you would say.

SS: There is a conspiracy theory that behind all the inspirational female empowerment talk of Hillary Clinton lies a lot of inhumane behavior.

A witness came forward saying he saw HRC connected people at a NXIVM recruitment mixer. The witness is willing to answer questions from the public to prove he can keep his story congruent.

Now the NY Post is corroborating our witness’s story.  Here’s some background on this:


Leave questions here or at the site above.

It would make no sense if the usual cast of characters are not involved in this. That would not make any sense at all, especially since they were trafficking children. That is like blood to the sharks in DC and Hollywood.

nxivm is pgate

clintons are pgate

cafritz is financial supporter of transformer galleria of which none other than james alefantis is director

how could it be more obvious?



What do readers think about this?

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  • ‘That’s My Wife Huma.’ – so says the author of this fiction where the author states the party occured Feb. 2007. Weiner did not marry Huma until 2010.

  • Sounds like some Alex Jones type guy that’s trying real hard to make this apart of some grand liberal conspiracy

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