Allison Mack [l] with her slave and spouse Nicki Clyne.
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Feds try to seize Allison Mack’s and Nicki Clyne’s landlord’s property – for sex crimes Mack allegedly committed

As I reported recently, The feds are trying to seize 127 Grenadier in Clifton Park [along with Raniere’s sex lair on Hale].

127 Grenadier is the former town home residence of Allison Mack – the place where she may have branded women and arranged to traffic slaves for her master Keith Raniere.

Frank Report has learned that Allison Mack did not own 127 Grenadier. She was renting it from an LLC owned by Dr. Suhasini Pinapati.

Dr. Pinapati claims she is not and never was a member of NXIVM. She, therefore, did not know Mack was going to commit crimes in her leased town home.  It is not like Allison told her she would be using the rental to brand women.

Dr. Pinapati was Allison Mack’s and Nicki Clyne’s landlord. Now the feds are trying to seize her property. Dr. Pinapati, through her lawyers claims she knew nothing about her tenants secret membership in sex slave cult.

Dr. Pinapati bought the town home in 2014. Through her rental agent, she leased the property to Mack and Nicole Clyne in June 2017 – before the branding story first appeared in Frank Report. The rent was $1250 per month.  There is a clause in the lease that states “the tenant will not engage in … any illegal activity on or about the property.”

Now, the feds are trying to seize Dr. Pinapati’s property because of what Allison did there.

Dr. Pinapati merely happened to rent to two good looking actresses who present well and paid the rent. It may be true Allison [and Nicki] did illegal things but is it Dr. Pinapati’s fault?  What ends of justice does it serve to steal Dr. Pinapati’s property from her?

If Mack and the DOS women could keep their activities secret from NXIVM members – how would a landlord – who is not on premises and has nothing to do with NXIVM – be expected to know about DOS branding and secret sex trafficking where masters ordered slaves to have sex with Raniere or have their collateral released?

Punish miscreants – like Raniere and Mack – but when the Feds punish the innocent – in what way are they superior to Raniere?

Dr. Pinapati, through her lawyers, is fighting this: Here is the court document: It includes a copy of the lease Mack and Clyne signed.


Feds are trying to seize 127 Grenadier. The problem is, it is not owned by Allison Mack but by a landlord who is not involved with NXIVM.

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