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Another take on missing Kristin Snyder – Parlato cited on cold case that could be murder


Craigmedred.news has published a fascinating article taking up an old Frank Report story — what happened to Kristin Snyder?

Now, someone other than Frank Report calls the matter into question – even calling my credibility into question. Perhaps the Alaska State Police will revisit the Kristin Snyder matter. Something happened to Kristin. And I believe Keith Raniere is at the bottom of it.

Here are 16 important points made in craigmedred.news:

  1. Frank Parlato… set up a website that dogged Raniere for years prior to his arrest in Mexico on U.S. charges of sex-trafficking, [Parlato] suggested Snyder might have been murdered because she was pregnant with Raniere’s child.
  2. Alaska friends of Snyder – none of whom wanted to talk …  on-the-record … called Parlato’s theory far-fetched.
  3. A still active Alaska State Troopers missing person bulletin says Snyder “was last seen February 7, 2003 leaving Executive Services (sic) Program in Anchorage, Alaska. Her vehicle was found abandoned at Millers Landing in Seward, Alaska on February 8, 2003.
  4. Parlato first reported the branding [story] a year ago [that turned out to be true].
  5. Friends of Snyder have suggested she might have suffered a psychotic break after being run through a … Raniere program of thought reform, sleep deprivation and suggestions of past lives.
  6. Snyder had been declared legally dead …  based on a trooper theory that she paddled a kayak out into Resurrection Bay, intentionally overturned it, and perished in the cold water.
  7. There was little physical evidence to back up the theory. A possibly stolen kayak in Seward was the sum of it. And there was this in the trooper report at the time:
  8. The kayak was never found nor the body.
  9. Parlato claims that “Raniere boasts he has cured lesbians [lesbianism being a disintegration, according to him] and claims to have converted lesbians to heterosexuals.”
  10. Parlato [has] his own checkered history. Federal officials in 2015 accused him of stealing $1 million from Sara and Claire Bronfman, the heirs to the Seagram liquor fortune and members of NXIVM.  The theft charges were dropped last month, but charges of wire fraud and cheating the Internal Revenue Service remain.
  11. Parlato contends the charges are nothing but an attempt by the Bronfmans to discredit him for his pursuit of Raniere. NXIVM has been ruthless in pursuit of its critics in the past.
  12. [Name Redacted] …  was at the NXIVM intensive … in 2003 when Snyder was last seen alive. So, too, Esther Chiappone, a former Soldotna teacher who went to work for NXIVM.
  13. Parlato has suggested [Name Redacted] and Chiappone might know more than they … let on.
  14. Friends believe [Snyder] suffered a breakdown. NXIVM and Raniere might have played a role.
  15.  Parlato levels plenty of  other allegations against the self-help guru, but it is hard to know how many have substance.
  16. Federal court recognition of his reports of branding have, however, elevated his credibility.

Read the entire craigmedred.news story —

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