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Cuomo Nationalizes Race for NY Governor, But Not How He’d Hoped

NEW YORK, NY – Governor Cuomo hoped the state convention would nationalize his race toward a third term, pitting him against President Trump in the minds of voters, and distracting from his poor record on state issues like subwayssexual harassmentcorruption, and the IDC.  Instead, he managed to upset both former Clinton and Bernie supporters through a series of flubs. From presenting Secretary Clinton with flowers then placing the blame on her for Democrats’ loss in 2016, to bringing in the DNC Chairman to endorse him, Cuomo managed to nationalize the race but not in the way he hoped.

What the press is saying about Cuomo’s convention flubs….

Joan Walsh, National Affairs Correspondent for the Nation: Wow @andrewcuomo takes a shot at Hillary Clinton for “losing the 2016 election” by “losing touch with middle class” — a day after she endorsed him. Cool.

New York Times: “If you happened to turn your attention to the sand pit of New York politics this week, you might have found yourself beset by a series of vexing questions. Why, for instance, at the state’s Democratic Convention on Wednesday, where Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo received the support of 95 percent of delegates in his bid for a third term, did he greet Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and presidential candidate, with a bouquet of flowers? Would perfume have been better? If she was getting roses and baby’s breath, what was the governor planning for Joe Biden, set to speak the following day? Gerber daisies and a half-dozen hydrangeas?”

Politico: “Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has said repeatedly that the national party shouldn’t, and won’t, endorse in primaries. But on Thursday, he stood on a Long Island stage and endorsed Andrew Cuomo, the New York governor who is facing a challenge from actress Cynthia Nixon. The decision to pick favorites in a primary pits the DNC chair against the DNC deputy chair, Keith Ellison. And it has re-opened an ongoing internal fight within the party.”

CNN: “Perez’s nod came alongside endorsements for Cuomo from 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Joe Biden. The one-two-three punch of prominent establishment leaders arriving at the convention to publicly back Cuomo angered Nixon supporters and dredged up grievances tied to the 2016 presidential primary, when the DNC’s national apparatus favored, though never openly endorsed, Clinton over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

The Nation: “‘Scrupulously neutral’ was the term Perez employed just last week, when he was asked whether the national party might intervene in the Georgia primary between former legislator Stacey Abrams, a high-profile contender who had attracted significant support from progressive groups that were excited by her base-building campaign to become the country’s first African-American female governor, and former legislator Stacey Evans, who had secured endorsements from former Governor Roy Barnes, former Senator Max Cleland and a number of other old-school Georgia Democrats. On May 18, Perez said the DNC needed to maintain strict neutrality “because we think the voters should decide that. That was then. This is now. On May 24, Perez appeared at the New York State Democratic Party convention to deliver an all-in endorsement of Governor Andrew Cuomo.”

New York Magazine: “Indeed part of the point of the Democratic convention, if not the New York State Democratic Party, is to smother that progressive energy in a warm embrace. For Democrats, progressive energy spells danger. It is what has launched Cynthia Nixon, a few months ago a hardly well-known premium-cable TV star, into a real race with the two-term governor. It is what could inspire Preet Bharara to jump off the sidelines and run for attorney general against Cuomo’s chosen running mate, New York City Public Advocate Letitia James. It’s an unlikely possibility at this point but one that sends state political figures into paroxysms of panic, since Bharara would have subpoena power and little regard for the current etiquette that rules Albany.”

City & State: “Progressive Democratic activists feel that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his allies in the state party shunned their movement at the New York Democratic Party’s convention on Long Island on Wednesday and Thursday…When Nixon went to address members of the progressive caucus, she had to do so without a mic. The room they were given did not have one. They also happened to be placed right next to the Cuomo-controlled executive committee, which did have a sound system. One member said that it was the worst venue that they had ever gotten.”

Splinter: “[Perez’s] implication was pretty clear: After much excitement around Cynthia Nixon’s progressive, resurgent campaign, Perez was drawing the focus back to what he believes really matters: concrete accomplishments. That’s a funny word to use while describing Cuomo’s track record as governor, and a final fuck you to progressives audacious enough to think this was their opportunity to shake up the party establishment. What’s more, Perez was one of a large group of top Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, who descended on the convention to back Cuomo. Cuomo did not need the help at all; he won 95 percent of the vote at the convention. It’s almost like the real point of this establishment muscle was to send a message to the party’s progressive wing. Think of this moment the next time you’re being told to fall in line and vote for a corporate Democrat in the name of party unity.”

This message from Cynthia for New York

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