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Guest View: You May be Wrong; Stormy Daniels MAY BE BRANDED NXIVM SLAVE out to get Donald Trump!

Guest View
By Empty Wood
Greatly appreciate all your work on this cult.  You’ve done a great service.
I watched the video where these photos were taken in the highest resolution available on a 55 inch screen.  The markings, whatever they are, certainly are there in the spot identified in the photos on your website.  In the real video, they’re much more obvious, as the movement of her body reflected against lighting shows clearly that it is raised skin.
While I agree with your assertion that she was unlikely a NXIVM member back in 2010, the tweet being passed around does demonstrate a proclivity for such activity.
I’ve read about “sister” cults that perform branding, and please consider the possibility of rogue action by one of the DOS’s within NXIVM.  Trump represented a pretty substantial risk to human traffickers, and the circles around this cult were certainly connected to it.  It stands to reason they found someone they could connect to Trump and created this big dog and pony show around it.  DOS’d her, gave her a bunch of cash, who knows.
I just wanted to write you and tell you that quite a few people have seen the video in question, and I assure you, it’s not photoshopped images being circulated.  I can provide a link to it if you want to see for yourself.
Lastly, there are pre and post tattoo images being circulated now, the ‘tummy’ tuck is nowhere close to the markings in question.  There is room for the possibility she has some other surgery, obviously.
In general, as weird as all of this stuff is getting around this President, I would encourage you to leave the door a little more open to who she may be, and what she was into.

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