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From Cynthia for New York:

Despite the Governor calling for a “Dunkirk style citizens’ fleet” to blockade off-shore drilling, he continues to allow fracked gas pipelines and plants in New York, and recently locked the doors of the Hall of Governors to block out environmental activists from engaging him on his climate record

NEW YORK, NY — While Governor Cuomo touted himself today as a champion of climate and environmental issues, he continues to support projects of fossil fuel corporations around the state, most recently slipping $88 million in public dollars into the New York State budget to build a fossil fuel power plant in the Sheridan Hollow community, a low-income community of color in Albany.  Despite #TheCynthiaEffect on Cuomo’s climate rhetoric, Nixon is demanding he walk the talk, especially after locking out environmental activists from his offices last Monday.

After eight years in office, the Cuomo Administration lags behind states like Texas, Iowa and California on the development of renewable energy, with only 1% of New York’s electricity coming from solar and 3% from wind.

Governor Cuomo’s right-hand man, Joe Percoco, is a convicted felon for taking bribes from a fossil fuel company that is building the CPV power plant in Orange County, New York. Cynthia Nixon has pledged not to take any corporate campaign contributions, including from fossil fuel companies. Governor Cuomo has accepted $457,000 from the fossil fuel industry to fund his campaign.

While the Governor claims he has banned fracking, he continues to allow fossil fuel companies to build pipelines and plants that transport and refine fracked gas being brought in from other states.

Sheridan Hollow is a low-income community of color which was burdened by a state-run garbage incinerator that operated for 13 years, until it was shut down.  The Andrew Cuomo fossil fuel power plant would provide heat and cooling to the State Capitol and the Empire State Plaza. Community residents in Sheridan Hollow have called on Governor Cuomo to rely on geothermal, solar and renewables for that project instead of fossil fuels.

Cynthia Nixon opposes new fossil fuel infrastructure in New York, including pipelines, compressor stations and gas storage projects.  For over three years, the Cuomo administration has failed to make a decision on the Crestwood Gas Storage Project, which proposes to store propane gas in abandoned salt caverns on Seneca Lake — a drinking water source for 100,000 people.

Governor Cuomo also does not support the Climate and Community Protection legislation which would require that New York fully transition to renewable energy by 2050 and direct state agencies to create plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel plants, cars and trucks and buildings. Cynthia Nixon supports that legislation and will work to get it passed in the New York State Legislature.

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