Rainbow Centers still conducting dangerous experiments on babies and toddlers

The Miami Rainbow Cultural Garden child experimental center has been closed by child protection officials. However, there appears to be other locales where children are being subjected to the dangerous Keith Raniere experiment of subjecting infants and toddlers to seven foreign nannies – some of whom double as sex slaves – to speak to the babies in their native tongues.

This is child abuse since the method is untested. And remember Raniere only speaks English – yet he declares that babies should be taught seven languages to increase their brain power.

According to

Rainbow Cultural Garden centers are open in the following locales:


• Albany, NY
• LA
• Miami


• Mexico City
• Monterrey
• Cuernavaca
• Guadalajara, Mexico


• Guatemala


• Madrid


• London


• Vancouver, Canada
• Leon, Mexico

According to


About RCG

Who We Are:

Rainbow Cultural Garden is an early child-development program which, through careful, progressive exposure to multiple languages, cultures, representational systems and aesthetics, seeks to inspire and capture the miraculous, creative, learning lives of children.

Our Core Values:

JOY: We believe developing a rich internal world is key to our children’s optimal fulfillment in life; as such, we seek to emphasis and prolong the wondrous state of joy and curiosity that naturally exists in all children.

HUMANITY: By exposing children to loving role models from a diversity of cultures, we seek to foster a sense of solidarity with all of humanity.

SKILLS: We believe it’s important that out children learn “how” to think rather than “what” to think; build self-esteem and self-reliance and develop problem-solving skills that will serve them no matter what challenges they might face.

How We Work:

Using the most current scientific understandings in child development, Rainbow Cultural Garden gives families with children in Early Years Foundational Stages (EYFS) access to carefully sourced and highly trained child development specialists who, through one-to-one or group interaction, impart to them their unique language and culture.

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