Clare Bronfman with her attorney, William F. Savino. head into to court to sue some enemy of Keith Raniere
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Did Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman make Allison Mack legally insane?

TV actress Allison Mack and her slave-master, co-conspirator, and sex-slave master, Keith Raniere have been indicted on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

Both remain in federal custody pending future bail applications. Raniere’s arrest represents a hard fall from the luxury he enjoyed by fleecing millions from NXIVM and Executive Success Programs’ members, as well as millions lavished upon him by Clare Bronfman, the cult’s acting slave-master.

Mack’s arrest represents a remarkable downfall for the actress known for her role as Chloe Sullivan in “Smallville.”

A healthier Allison Mack, prior to following Raniere’s orders on diet and lifestyle.

Mack once had a successful acting career, but when actor Mark Hildreth brought then-girlfriend Kristin Kreuk into the cult, Kreuk recruited Mack, an event that changed her life.

Both Kreuk and Hildreth left, but Mack rose to become Raniere’s lieutenant slave-master (upon Raniere’s arrest last month, Mack took control of the slaves until her arrest on Friday).

If she is released on bail Monday, she can resume her role as slave master. With low calorie diets and sleep deprivation techniques imposed on the slaves, there is a good chance that Mack may be able to keep the slaves from escaping, something that will be harder to do if she is kept in jail.

On the path to her rise in rank in the cult, Mack blew through her wealth earned as an actress, forking it over to Raniere and costly Executive Success Programs’ “services.” Raniere persuaded her to give up acting in pursuit of self-development within the cult, which included, among other things, more expensive “courses,” and quality time with Raniere.

Raniere groomed Mack for his sexual satisfaction, while the cult consumed her life savings. She became financially indebted to the cult.

Raniere and associates concocted a scheme to make her indentured to the cult. Raniere required Mack provide him with nude pictures, a contract that her unborn children would go to Raniere’s custody, incriminating letters about her parents and a letter to Child Protective Services alleging her nephew was abused by his parents. These materials are called by Raniere “collateral.”

Mack was valuable to Raniere for she could use her star status to recruit women, and give the cult an appearance of legitimacy and “executive success.”

Mack did not wholly occupy the position of an unwilling servant: she actively recruited women into the cult to become Raniere’s sex slaves, and through a grooming process, where entrants were initially exposed only to more innocent, innocuous and purportedly legitimate aspects of the cult.,

Only later, upon indebtedness and vulnerability through hypnosis and then sharing compromising collateral (which itself was pitched by cult members such as Lauren Salzman as an innocent guarantee of trust, never to be used in a blackmail-type fashion) to the sinister, perverse sexual proclivities of Raniere.

Mack herself oversaw ritual, forced branding ceremonies that were performed at her home. The brands on victims had Mack’s and Raniere’s initials.

Allison Mack on March 25, 2018. She became emaciated through Raniere’s diet.

Mack transformed herself from a healthy, curvy actress into a gaunt, frail sex-slave. This was done through Raniere’s requirement to keep Mack and the other slave women on 800 calorie per day diets and sleep no more than four hours per night.

Mack knowingly induced women into a cult that brands women, and uses abusive legal process and threat of legal process, as well as exposure of damaging information to coerce women into forced labor, continued payments to Bronfman and Raniere, and sex with Raniere and other slaves that Raniere permitted to have sex.

On the other hand, an argument can be made that Mack was initially a well intended person who entered the cult years ago, not believing it to be a cult, and, insidiously, Raniere and others preyed upon her emotional vulnerabilities, caused her to become dependent on the cult and exploited her for sex, money, and recruitment of future slaves. She is arguably both victim and monster.

With Mack and Raniere in federal custody, Clare Bronfman steers the branding ship, holding the big bag of collateral on women who might otherwise snap out of their brainwashed state and speak out.

Sexslave kingpin, Clare Bronfman

Criminal kingpin, sadist, and financier of the cult is still at large. 

The rich, sadistic heiress, Clare Bronfman is an entirely different story from gullible Mack. Bronfman is the acting leader of the cult now that Raniere and Mack are in custody.

Bronfman’s sinister past runs deep; she not only funded the controversial brain experiments of her “Ethical Science Foundation” and NXIVM, ran cult operations for years and lavished millions on Raniere empowering him to do most of his evil deeds.

Inside sources detailed Bronfman’s sadism, and the delight she took in punishing people who wished to leave the cult, through abuse of legal process. Bronfman never hesitated to tap her trust fund to hire consultants and attorneys, such as William F. Savino, to communicate with allies in the Department of Justice to pursue indictments of former members and employees that Bronfman or Raniere considered dangerous and likely to expose the illegality lurking under the surface.

Bronfman used her wealth to indict ex-girlfriends of Raniere on bogus theories of criminal liability which were ultimately dismissed, namely Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie. On the civil side of legal harassment,  one particularly disgusting example was opposition of Natalie’s bankruptcy. Natalie had been Raniere’s girlfriend in the 90s, but left him after having been threatened, and raped by him. For over fifteen years, Raniere, joined by Bronfman beginning in the 2000s, harassed her with multiple lawsuits, actually bankrupting her. When she filed for bankruptcy, Bronfman engaged attorney Savino to oppose her bankruptcy, on questionable grounds. [Bronfman hired attorney Savino to aid her in committing perjury in the civil and criminal suits she pursued against Frank Parlato. Court records suggests Savino suborned Bronfman’s perjury.]

The Bronfman-funded legal abuse was stage 2 of Bronfman and Raniere’s forced labor and sex trafficking. Stage 1 involved threat of legal process and/or exposure of collateral to keep members in check, and keep them enslaved within the cult. When that method failed, and a slave ran away, Bronfman used trust fund money to sue into bankruptcy the runaway slave, and get the slave indicted, thus totally discrediting ex-slaves and ensuring the cult could continue its illegal operations.

Clare Bronfman, second from right, with her attorneys.

By doing so, Bronfman turned the courts and law enforcement into unwitting adjudicators and enforcers of the cult’s own fugitive slave laws, perpetually enabling the cult to destroy victims through the long and heavy arms of the law.

As a person steeped in the cult and brainwashed to the point of having lost her former, pre-cult identity, Allison Mack might actually be legally insane, having been made that way by systematic, insidious abuse at the hands of Bronfman and Raniere. Viewed in this light, Mack is one of the most pathetic of Clare Bronfman and Raniere’s victims, and they have been reportedly only too happy to allow her to take the fall for them.

With Clare and Sara Bronfman’s millions in trust available for them to squander, if Raniere is convicted, the cycle of slavery, and abuse of women will continue, just as soon as Clare finds her next “guru” to invest in.

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