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Rare video: Allison Mack cries as she listens to Keith Raniere

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  • This is so sad to watch. I think, and don’t kill me for it, that Allison is a sweet girl who just got brain washed by this man. I think he took Allison when she was in a critical point of her life and took advantage of it.

  • He said absolutely nothing. She is clearly obsessed with him. I see grey walls and sectional plastic plates in their futures.

  • Whoopie, Raniere expresses a bunch of truisms about authenticity and his female follower cries tears of revelatory joy about it. This is why the state smashes cults. The heads of them are so impressed with themselves that they honestly believe common law does not apply to them. They are capable of committing any crime or having their minions commit them for them. They create a kind of mafia.

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