Trump needs to get involved with criminal investigations into Obama DOJ executives

The Right Side 

By J. Gary DiLaura

FBI Retired


Several years ago, I wrote that after Obama and his band of thieves are gone, criminal activities of historic proportion would be uncovered by the new administration, whoever it is.

Well we now know who will have to clean the mess Obama created: President Donald Trump!

Obama ran the White House like a Racketeering Organization!

Neither Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer nor turncoat Republicans have a leg to stand on to stop President Trump from directing that FISA Court records be brought to his officel! He should call in the FISA judges on the Carter Page case and the judge who accepted Mike Flynn’s “plea”.

We need to keep in mind that John O. Brennan, James Clapper and Susan Rice have lied to Congress and denied knowledge of any US Ambassadors requesting the unmasking of some 360 FISA citizen names in Obama ‘s “last”year!

Samantha Powers requested the unmasking. The head of NSA, CIA and Director of National Security lied when they said they had no idea what’s going on! Think about that for a while.  If those geniuses don’t know what happened, who does?

The FBI Director James Comey lied and leaked official documents, then conspired to undermine the president by forcing a special prosecutor. The 2nd in charge of the FBI, Andrew McCabe lied and planned to have a backup plan if Trump won, as did Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page.

The Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein plotted to replace Comey with Bob Mueller and then, when that plan failed, he appointed Mueller as special prosecutor. Mueller then hired a team of former Clinton employees, supporters, financial contributors –  known “hatchet men” – and proved he’s not looking for crimes. He’s looking to undermine, jail, impeach, and if he can, hang something on the president!

It’s time for the president to protect himself, his family, his country and his presidency?

Take charge, Mr President, of your FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA,  and FISA Court since many of the executives of those agencies seem to have no integrity.

There are good people in those agencies, looking to help, find them!

The overwhelming evidence that there is corruption that involved Intelligence Agencies, the NSA, CIA, FBI and FISA is undeniable! It doesn’t take many people to make an entire agency look bad. Look what 6-8 people did to the FBI! Look at those leaks during Obama’s tenure, coming from the coffers of NSA to newspapers! My guess is they came from the top.

You would think that the mainstream media, that rants and raves about nonsense, would have been outraged by Obama‘s Intelligence Agencies leaking secret info from the NSA to the press.

The evidence, I predict, will be overwhelming that Obama ran the FISA court and NSA as his personal wiretap operation!

President Trump has to decide how to get to the bottom of serious crimes and who should investigate, how to prosecute and how to proceed. In my opinion, it must be the FBI who investigates. But who should prosecute? It’s the president’s job to make those decisions, not Congress, not the AG, not a committee, and not a special prosecutor.

The president is CEO and the only one who has authority to do what is to be done!

Mueller can’t be allowed to get involved. He ’s too busy trying to find a “ felony, titty touching” case against the president.

The president should call in Mueller, with AG Sessions, not Rosenstein, present, and direct him to turn over any evidence he obtained from McCabe. Let Mueller keep a copy, maintain the chain of custody, and order Mueller to put everything on hold until the president can get a handle on everything.

If Mueller refuses, fire him on the spot and have him escorted out! Prohibit him from getting involved in the criminal cases looming from the leaks, the illegal FISA wiretaps, the email case, the Clinton Foundation etc.

The prosecution cannot be by special prosecutor either. DOJ must retain control since the Clinton email case, Clinton Foundation money laundering case, Uranium One case and others are criminal, and have been investigated by the FBI and need the full attention of a prosecutor appointed by the president. There will be over a hundred FBI agents working on all the elements that are going to emanate from the numerous “side” investigations.

What are you going to do, give Mueller 100 FBI Agents? Like hell!

The president must also determine what happened with the FISA court. The Carter Page case is where I would start. There is enough evidence to indict several DOJ and FBI current and former employees and this will result in a plethora of fruit bearing leads, evidence and new cases!

I said it before and I’ll say it again, suspend all current employees who signed anything having to do with the Carter Page warrant, including Rod Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, and Ohr!

Put Mueller on temporary hold until the president can appoint a replacement for Rosenstein and finds out what needs to be investigated and by whom on FISA matters. That’s the presidents job and his duty!

The president is the boss and there are a ton of reasons why this boss needs to get involved with the FISA Court cases because it’s top executives who are involved.

About the author

J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at therightsidejgarydilaura.com .

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  • This was the first appeal ever to the FISA Court of Review.
    FISA COURT’S CONCERN ABOUT ACCURACY OF FISA APPLICATIONS AFFIDAVITS “The Handling of FBI Intelligence Information Related to the Justice Department’s Campaign Finance Investigation”
    After the FISA Court learned of these errors, it stated that it would no longer accept any FISA application in which the supporting affidavit was signed by the SSA who had presented that Terrorist Organization No. 2 FISA application to the Court.
    Many of these errors in the FISA applications involved omissions of information or misrepresentations about criminal investigations on the FISA targets. P37
    The report concluded that “a majority of the errors were the result of systemic flaws in the process by which those FISA applications were prepared and reviewed.” These systemic flaws included, among other things, a lack of a
    formal training program for attorneys in OIPR or agents at the FBI to learn about the FISA application process, a lack of policies or rules regarding the required content of FISA applications, and a lack of resources for handling
    FISA applications. #IAmAndrewBrietbart #PastPredictFuture 11:43 AM 4/8/2018 http://iamandrewbreitbart.blogspot.com/2018/04/fisa-courts-concern-about-accuracy-of.html?

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