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YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted October 23, 12:01 am on Artvoice Daily

Sometimes you have to look a little harder to find stuff like this 1975 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, which is slowly becoming part of the foliage ina Newsteadlot. This one’s missing the big ‘Bird… (more)

Paladino’s Financial Stake in Charters

posted October 22, 6:44 am on Artvoice Daily

I’m skeptical of charter schools because I believe that they’re being used as an effort to abolish public education in the United States. The only exception is that instance where they’re… (more)

AV Photo Daily

posted October 22, 6:26 am on Artvoice Daily

YAK Car Pic of the Day

posted October 22, 12:01 am on Artvoice Daily

Of the many nameplatesthat are missed since the brand’s demise after the 2004 model year, the OldsmobileAchieva compact probably isn’t one of them. Produced from 1992-98, it shared a body… (more)

Bills Overcome Themselves, Outlast Vikings

posted October 21, 12:09 pm on Artvoice Daily

Too bad somebody had to win. Yes, Buffalo did finally lull Minnesota into a 17-16 final on Sunday, keeping them in second place in the AFC East for at least one more week. And, yes, for the second time… (more)

Ban the Flights! Which Flights? How?

posted October 21, 6:31 am on Artvoice Daily

That guy from Liberia who died from Ebola in Dallas – patient zero, right? Well, so far, there have been only two cases of disease transmittal, and they were both his nurses. The 21 day quarantine… (more)

AV Photo Daily

posted October 21, 6:25 am on Artvoice Daily

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WNY Local Restaurant Week, Fall 2014

posted October 14, 11:45 am on Food

Vent: Have A Voice

posted October 7, 12:41 am on Local Interest

Fast Track Food: Cheesy Chick

posted September 12, 3:14 pm on Food

This week in Artvoice, issue v13n43 (Week of Thursday, October 23):

Halloween Feature

True Crime

by Buck Quigley

At 8:15am on a rainy, windswept fall morning, I enter the reception area of Buffalo police headquarters. The woman behind the bulletproof glass is busy sifting through some papers, while a young man waits in a chair. Nobody makes eye contact.

Halloween Feature

I brought a psychic to Rick James's grave

by Cory Perla

It’s 3pm on a breezy October day and I’m standing in front of funk legend Rick James’s grave with a couple of psychics. I’m here with psychics Carol Ruth and Rich Pawelski hoping to channel the spirit of Slick Rick because... well I suppose there is no good reason, but happy Halloween!

Halloween Feature

Bobby Jackson and a Blood-Soaked Old Glory

by Patrick Sawyers

Friday, October 22, 1976, was a chilly afternoon in downtown Buffalo, with traces of frozen rain and a wind blowing faster than usual. Suddenly, though, one strong gale from the west, coupled with one man’s shocking act of self-destruction, caused the already dreary day to turn chilling and macabre.

Halloween Feature

Ciders take center stage

by Erik Wollschlager

Fall has certainly fallen in Western New York. A mere 20 minute drive in any direction from the heart of Buffalo will transport one from the hustle of the chilly city streets to the surrounding hills, blanketed in yellows, oranges, and reds, as though flames had worked their way toward the sky.

Halloween Feature

Recipes for the seasonal squash

by Judy Sperry, photos by Sarah Barry

With pumpkin carving season in its prime, fresh pumpkin should take center stage in fall recipes.

Art Scene

A variety of new works on display at Buffalo Arts Studio

by Jack Foran

Barbara Murak’s labor-intensive-looking fiber art creations in the current Buffalo Arts Studio three-artist show evoke references from Elizabethan court life to invertebrate undersea plant and animal life.

Music Feature

Taiko Drum Concert Featuring World-Famous Eitetsu Hayashi and Buffalo Artists

by Adele Jackson-Gibson

Eitetsu Hayashi stands mid-squat position striking a stick to a large 800-pound drum; sweat merely beads on his face while the muscles of his back and biceps ripple in tune to the pulse-pounding rhythm.

Theater News


by Javier

Playwright David Henry Hwang (pictured above) will be in Buffalo as part of Just Buffalo Literary Center’s Babel Series. His play M. Butterfly premiered on Broadway in 1988, and made him the first Asian American playwright to win a Tony award.

Classical Music Notes

The Friends of Vienna, the Camerata di Sant'Antonio and the Freudig Singers

by Jan Jezioro

On Sunday October 26 at 3:30pm in the Unity Church, 1243 Delaware Avenue, the Friends of Vienna welcome UB professor of cello Jonathan Golove and UB emeritus professor of piano Stephen Manes for a cross-cultural musical journey.

Film Review


by George Sax

First off, a personal disclosure: During a recent preview of Matthew Warchus’ Pride, I repeatedly found myself smiling, despite weak attempts to suppress my happy expressions. I eventually gave up trying. Pride isn’t really a comedy, but it’s filled with bright, frequently warm humor and it must be the most inspiriting, feel-good picture of the year.


On The Boards Theater Listings

Movie Times (Friday, October 24 - Thursday, October 30)

Film Now Playing

Featured Events

See You There!

Artvoice's weekly round-up of featured events, including our editor's pick for the week: New Found Glory, performing at the Town Ballroom on Tuesday, October 21.

You Auto Know

2015 Audi A3 quattro

by Jim Corbran

Upon entering this week’s test car at Schmitt’s Audi, I mentioned to Alex Michaelidis, Schmitt’s Audi Brand Specialist, that I had an idea of who the typical Audi buyer was. It was something along the lines of “...someone who could afford a (fill in the name of some other German—or Japanese—sport sedan here) but doesn’t want one.”

Graphic Traffic

Above the Dreamless Dead

by Emil J. Novak Sr.

Fun Home: A family tragicomic

by Carolyn Marcille


by Brian Kearney

Offbeat News

News of the Weird

by Chuck Shepherd

In August, the Tampa Bay Times reported a dispute in Dunedin, Florida, between 12-year-old lemonade-stand operator T.J. Guerrero and the adult neighbor (Doug Wilkey) trying to close him down as an unlicensed entrepreneur, despite T.J.’s business plan for assisting his favorite animal shelter.


Free Will Astrology

by Rob Brezsny

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): “Children are the most desirable opponents at Scrabble,” declares Scorpio author Fran Lebowitz, “as they are both easy to beat and fun to cheat.”